50-Year Class Reunion - Registration Starting Point

This Web Page is:     http://wolves69.com    (or just: wolves69.com)  

Greetings 1969 Classmates  !!

This is the starting point for registration for the Class of 1969: 50-Year Reunion. Please read the instructions below and then press the link at the bottom of the page to get started.

Step #1

Before you can register for our 50-Year Reunion ... you must "log in" to your account on the "whs60s.org" website. Use your current e-mail address for your account name and the password that you last set when accessing the account.

If you don't have a password or can't remember it ... don't panic ... just select the "Forgot Password" link and you can reset it to a new setting.

If your e-mail address doesn't work on the website ... just send a notification e-mail to:  whswolves1969@ gmail.com  with your name and valid e-mail address and we'll get your account all fixed up so that you can access the "whs60s.org" web site.

Step #2

Once you are logged into the "whs60s.org" website with your valid account and password, you should see a selection menu to the left side of your main screen.  On the main menu, select the link: Class 1969 50-Year Reunion to get started in registering for the Class of 1969: 50-Year Reunion and associated activities. Please note that the class reunion link sometimes takes a few moments to appear.


Start Here:   http://www.whs60s.org