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11/19/22 09:41 AM #8964    


Tom Stewart (1969)

Often we don't appreciate something until we lose it.  Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday, possibly better than Christmas.  A great meal with friends and family without the pressure of gifts and decorating.  We don't have anything similar to Thanksgiving here and I haven't been able to celebrate the season for years.  It certainly is a loss.

11/20/22 08:08 AM #8965    

Paul F. Aoki (1967)

Happy Thanksgiving;

I'll be joining Family in Sacramento. We have a nice Dinner

with dishes made by each. I'm making sushi and Chinese chicken salad, two of my specialties. 
a first gathering after Covid 19 is clear now. 


11/20/22 08:38 AM #8966    

Glenda Smith (Stone) (1968)

Happy Thanksgiving to all. We hope and strive for some peace for everyone during this time. Be safe.

11/20/22 09:04 AM #8967    


Mary Wanda McCrary (Montgomery) (1967)

We are so thankful for each year we have, to enjoy our family around the Thanksgiving table!  
We are a blessed people, living in a country where we can worship God freely, vote for our leaders, and strive to make our lives better.  Let's not take it for granted what we have here, and hold it dear!!  The problems we have going on, have answers.  Let's all focus on finding the solutions, rather than combating one another! Unity is powerful! 
Scott and I pray you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas!!


11/20/22 09:46 AM #8968    


Theresa Eve (1964)

So enjoy reading the lovely Thanksgiving notes by all. Finally we can gather.   The sharing of family, friends with homemade Thanksgiving creations.  This is what we all enjoyed in the late 50s and 60s, keeping our hearts open with kindness.  All giving ways makes us all strong and peaceful.  I am making the traditional rum cake for my family, but I enjoy. Stay safe.

11/21/22 07:46 AM #8969    

Anne Douglass (Loud) (1964)

I am sorry for this downer as you all are posting positive messages:  Our family Thanksgiving at my daughter's house was just cancelled, because my daughter has contracted Covid for the first time, so this is a reminder that Covid is not gone.  Please take precautions, and as Theresa said "Stay safe".

11/21/22 05:19 PM #8970    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

No, its not Gone, It has joined dangerous things that we need to consider...But, She will be Ok,,,I had all the shots and boosters (at the time),  but in late December, early Jan this it...Headaches ( I have never really had bad headaches before), coughing, over and over, dry then wet (er, OK, thankyou for sharing, lol)...then dizziness, aching (everywhere), night sweats...and finally, one night, temp of 104 (in bed with covers and socks on)...that night...took off the socks, the temp reduced...the next day went to urgent care...(pneumonia by X-ray and Covid positive)...they (Clinic) prescibed and knocked it out...I do think there may be something to this "long Covid" thing...But i'm 74...So hopefully...She'll Be OK

11/22/22 06:09 AM #8971    


Tom Stewart (1969)


Last Christmas the entire household got Covid.  Those who had the vaccinations had serious conditions and it lasted for a long time.  Those that never got vaccinated had a mild condition and got over it quickly.  I would not have known I had covid if I hadn't done a home test followed by a government test.  Both were positive.  We just remained at home and all was well.

I think there is far too much fear over this disease and it will take its course.  There are some pretty effective treatments which can help.  We have a few doctors in the country who actually treat Covid and they have a great success rate.  Worry and fear will change nothing!  Have a wonderful Turkey Day.....EVERYONE!

11/22/22 06:41 AM #8972    


Joel Childers (1966)


John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, is assassinated while traveling through Dallas, Texas, in an open-top convertible.

First lady Jacqueline Kennedy rarely accompanied her husband on political outings, but she was beside him, along with Texas Governor John Connally and his wife, for a 10-mile motorcade through the streets of downtown Dallas on November 22. Sitting in a Lincoln convertible, the Kennedys and Connallys waved at the large and enthusiastic crowds gathered along the parade route. As their vehicle passed the Texas School Book Depository Building at 12:30 p.m., Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly fired three shots from the sixth floor, fatally wounding President Kennedy and seriously injuring Governor Connally. Kennedy was pronounced dead 30 minutes later at Dallas’ Parkland Hospital. He was 46.

11/22/22 09:03 AM #8973    


Theresa Eve (1964)

  A very sad day for the United States of America.  Thank you Joel for keeping us aware of our history the good and the bad.  .   

11/22/22 05:24 PM #8974    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

My intelligent underclassmate, now of the Emerald Isles...Celibrate with Us, and your family this Thanksgiving...find a Turkey, or Bird(s) of your choice,  trimmings and whatnot...and celibrate a Feast with Goodwill (I think that's the point) ... But, knocking vaccinations, or other thing of respected science (thank God polio is verboten now), apparently some nonsensical "Politics"...from perhaps a worse disease...that has "infected" our Country

11/22/22 05:40 PM #8975    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

Hi, Tom...need me glasses and proper typing fingers...I omit the "s"before You correct Isle, pretty as it is...

11/23/22 08:37 AM #8976    


Tom Stewart (1969)

Craig Mayfield.....
The so-called science is political at best.  Dozens of reports and investigations completed.  Doesn't seem the vaccine did much good for you.  Pfizer readily admits they never tested their vaccine to "prevent" the spread, and that the vaccine does not "prevent" infection, only that it may reduce the impact.  Possibly you limit yourself to news from sources in the US.  You can choose to believe whatever it is you choose to believe but make allowance for other views.  On this issue there are thousands of experts who warn about the vaccines.  It requires years to develop, test and approve most vaccines until now.  So what are the long term affects?  Who knows?  It hasn't been around long enough to know.

This is by far the most political disease and treatment I have seen in my life.  It cannot be compared to any previous.  I had to get a plethora of vaccinations when I served in the military, but haven't had any since the early 70s.  For some reason I almost never contract any virus or disease.  Possibly once every four or five years.  It seems I may have a really good immune system or I am really lucky.

11/23/22 08:47 AM #8977    

Miguel Michel (1966)

Good morning. 
I found out yesterday that one of our classmates passed away in his sleep on Friday, John Armus. 
I will miss him as we would always get together whenever I was in Woodland. 
Rest In Peace John. 

11/23/22 09:53 AM #8978    

Lon Springer (1961)

Robin Blair Springer passed away November 2, 2022, in Sacramento, surrounded by family.  He was 74, 

An obituary will be posted in the In Memory section,

Lon Springer, Robin Blair's oldest brother ('61)

11/23/22 09:57 AM #8979    

Lon Springer (1961)

For Gary Wegener

Here's Blair's obituary.

Thank you.

Lon Springer




Robin Blair Springer passed away November 2, 2022, in Sacramento, surrounded by family. He was 74.


Born and raised in Woodland, Ca., Blair was a loving and devoted husband, stepfather, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend. He was a positive force who brought light into every life he touched.


The secret to Blair’s charm was both simple and remarkable: he gave whoever he was with his full attention and respect. He was a good listener and a great conversationalist, making everyone with whom he was engaged feel like they were special to him, because they were. 


Blair was an eternal but realistic optimist, fighting illness courageously and without complaint, then embracing his coming passing with grace and dignity. In his final hours, Blair made a to-do list of tasks for his wife Debbie to take care of as soon as he was gone and penned several letters to those close to him.


Blair was born Oct. 20, 1948, the youngest of three sons of longtime Yolo County residents Alphe and Lois Springer.


He often referred lovingly to two figures who were a significant part of his early childhood -- Momo and Popo -- an older couple from Arkansas who served as his babysitters and later helped raise him until age 6.  He missed them dearly.


Blair graduated from Woodland High School and attended Sacramento State, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and later earned a Master’s in Public Administration.


During high school Blair was active in sports and a founding member of the E.T.’s (Elapsed Time) Car Club, whose intent was to build and operate a drag racing car.  Blair put a lot of effort into the club.


After college, Blair worked for the California Legislature from 1972 to 1984 and then was appointed by Gov. George Deukmejian to the Office of Emergency Services as an Assistant Director of Response and Recovery.


In 1987 he returned to the Legislature as Chief Consultant for the Assembly Select Committee on Fire Services.


In 1990 Blair started his own public policy consulting firm, where he was chief strategist for the Association of Contract Counties. He later joined forces with his longtime friend and colleague, Jerry Haleva, working as a lobbyist at Jerry’s firm, Sergeant Major Associates.



Blair met the love of his life, Debbie, and married in 1997, becoming a loving stepfather to Brian and Katey, whom he adored greatly. He was also the loving grandfather to four wonderful grandchildren, Emma, Allie, Jordan and Indy.


He enjoyed hiking, golf, and traveling, especially on cruises with Debbie and often times, Debbie’s parents.


Blair became an integral part of the extended Roemer family, enjoying many good times with his father-in-law Oscar, mother-in-law MaryAnn, brother-in-law Danny and sisters-in-law Karen and Wendy and their spouses. He spent countless hours with his Roemer clan nephews and nieces Daniel, Matthew, Krystal, Kevin, Sarah and Christopher, delighting in their achievements in school, sports and the arts.


Blair also enjoyed organizing regular camping and fishing trips to his favorite spots with his brothers and Springer family niece, nephews and grandnephews. He was a beloved uncle to nephew Zack, grandnephew Luke, niece Beja, grandnephew Evan (whom Blair taught to fish), and nephews Liam, Nathan, and Locke, all of whom will miss his sense of humor and good counsel


Blair was preceded in death by his parents, Alphe and Lois Springer, his half-sister, Thama, his niece Vina and grandnephew Anthony. He is survived by his wife Debbie, brothers Lon and Fred, niece Glenda, nephew David, grandnephew Luka and grandniece Nyla, stepchildren Brian (Tanya) and Katey (Mario), and grandchildren Emma, Allie, Jordan, and Indy.


All who had the honor of Blair’s friendship are welcome to attend a Celebration of Life on Sunday, November 27 from 11 am to 2 pm at Valley Hi Country Club in Elk Grove.

11/23/22 05:12 PM #8980    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

Yeah, Robin,,,Blair,,,and Baron, he funnily called himself for awhile...remember that Rob, Joel? A smart, independent sort, with a dry sense of Humor. Mother was a school teacher, like mine. Varios escapades,we had, and yes, he was in the founding of the E.T.'s, with Tom, Rob, Glen Tom S. and a bunch of our fellow 66'rs.

Last I saw Robin was  at his office, in the State Capitol...don't remember if we had arranged to meet, or I just knew where he was and dropped in. Was Years ago...we had lost touch. He was pretty high up, i believe, in some State government function (prisoner rights or somthing)...We shot the proverbial, and that was the last I ever saw him. He could be off the wall, or very serious.

If you want to picture Robin, as I knew him, in a lot of ways...Remember the movie "Into the Wild"? Well he kinda resembled that actor, and the spirit of that character...But, Robin just didn't diappear...He was much too involved and caring.

My sincere condolences, again, to Debbie and the family.



11/24/22 06:23 AM #8981    


Joel Childers (1966)

Yes, Craig. And somehow I had it in my mind (what's left of it, LOL) that Robin went by the name, George, for a while. Robin Springer was just such a very positive influence on me as a kid and he was an all round nice guy. His brother, Fred Springer, also had that same positive vibe. They both lit up a room with their presence. The last time I saw Robin, he was working behind the counter at the Corner Drug Store. We were about 21 then. Coincidentally it was the last time I saw Mike Miller. Remember Mike? It was on the steps of the good old beautiful Woodland Public Library building. Ahh, sweet bird of youth. Rest in Peace my old friend, Robin. If there is a heaven, you are certainly there.

11/24/22 08:32 AM #8982    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Joel, I remember Fred Springer, always with a smile and a laugh.  Good person to be around.  Enjoyed your memories shared of this family.  

11/24/22 10:33 AM #8983    


Jim Barger (1963)

Thanksgiving at Fort Wolters, Texas 1968   Flight School

11/24/22 10:35 AM #8984    


Jim Barger (1963)

My first Thanksgiving away from Home in 1968.  Mineral Wells  Texas,  Fort Wolters, Texas in Flight School with my Fellow Lieutenants in the US Army and Marines.

11/24/22 02:13 PM #8985    


Joel Childers (1966)

Jim Barger. Mineral Wells is a memory jogger. Little town outside of Dallas-Ft. Worth. There might have been more people at Ft. Wolters than in the town itself during the Vietnam era. I was there in 1983 well after the helicopter flight school had closed. While working for the U.S. Coast Guard Design & Construction Center in Seattle, I was sent out to Mineral Wells to check out a metal fabricating factory that was low bidder on a project to provide four 600 ft LORAN navigation towers. I remember that the car rental agency had only one car left, a relatively new Lincoln Continental, which we got for the economy car rate. We were cruising through Texas like 3 oil barons. Incidentally, there had been a lower bid from an Indiana company which I checked out and rejected. But before I could award the contract, I received a letter from then Senator Dan Quayle insisting that I award the contract to his rejected Indiana constituent. Thanks to Mr. Quayle, I had to waste a month writing letters to D.C. bigwigs before awarding to the Mineral Wells guys. The job went pretty cleanly except that our government inspector smashed his car into an elk near the Eastern Montana tower site. Well, the guests should be here soon for turkey etc. HAVE A BLESSED THANKSGIVING ALL YOU WOLVES.

11/25/22 12:36 PM #8986    


Jim Barger (1963)

Thank you Joel,  Here is the Front gate of Fort Wolters, Texas   near Mineral Wells.

11/25/22 12:37 PM #8987    


Jim Barger (1963)

Thank you Joel for remembering Mineral Wellls  Texas.  Small Town in West Texas.  I learned a lot besides how to fly helicopters at Fort Wolters, Texas.  I loved staying there in Mineral Wells for Six Months.   Jim B

11/27/22 06:36 AM #8988    


Gary Tibbals (1965)

I see an OH-23 at the front Gate there Jim, Crew 3 of them while at Fort Carson, 1966-67 Happy Thanksgiving.

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