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04/19/22 06:15 AM #8636    


Gary Tibbals (1965)

Hi Janice, I know were Griffin Ga. is, I am up north of Atlanta on 75, Calhoun, Ga. give me a call some time. maybe we can get togather for lunch some day. 706-260-5103

04/19/22 09:30 AM #8637    


Lynn Drumright (Black) (1961)

Hi Kay. Yeah I remember you and across the street was the Stockton family.  Linda was in my grade and I think Jeanne may have been in your grade. Fun times on that little one block street.

04/20/22 06:59 AM #8638    

Janice Bell (Killian) (1966)

Hi, Gary. John and I don't get,up that way too often - only when necessary. But if you ever come this way we would be glad to see you. Our number is 678-688-2201. John is retired air force. I'm sure served as well. What branch were you in?

04/20/22 12:15 PM #8639    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Becky Knight, are you wearing glasses in the class picture?  I see Don Daily.  Also see JoAnne Damson, she is so pretty, lovely hair.  I can remember these people just like they are.  Wonderful to share.  

04/20/22 01:01 PM #8640    


Don Murdoch (1962)

Theresa,  I must be looking at a different photo, but Becky Knight  is not in the photo posted by Lynn Drumright.

04/20/22 02:49 PM #8641    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Maybe I misunderstood Becky Knight with her comment, as I was not sure she was in that posted Junior picture either.  She was in that class, maybe a different Junior picture, but the same class, as they did divide us up for the pictures.  Nice group thou.  Thanks Don. 

04/20/22 04:04 PM #8642    

Joann Damsen (Dahl) (1961)

Regarding picture posted by Becky - these pictures were from our home room classes.  The classes were in alphabetical order by last name.  Becky would have been in a class with the letter k.  Thanks about my photo with my long hair.  I had my hair long for many years.  As I got older I got tired of messing with it and went to very short.


04/20/22 04:07 PM #8643    


Don Murdoch (1962)

Becky and Lynn have plans to attend our reunion in August.  As you know, we invited the Class of 61 to our 60th reunion. I hope we have a good turnout. Lotsa folks in that class I would like to see again.

04/27/22 08:16 PM #8644    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

Ms. Knight....a Homecoming My Eyes...imbecile nerd...that I Wss...What a Beauty...that I Loved...


05/06/22 10:36 AM #8645    


Theresa Eve (1964)


Happy Mother's Day.  Look how the women related to farm work!  Great for Woodland Agriculture!

05/07/22 06:16 AM #8646    

Janice Bell (Killian) (1966)

Theresa, I know lots of women who still do!
Happy Mother's Day! You were blessed with a great mom. She was my 5th grade teacher at Gibson.

05/08/22 05:12 AM #8647    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Janice:  Thank you so much.  She put her heart and soul into teaching, a hard worker.  Your words are so appreciated.    

05/09/22 05:24 PM #8648    

Janice Bell (Killian) (1966)

Theresa, I don't remember that project. It would have been around 1958 or 1959.

05/11/22 07:22 PM #8649    


Craig Mayfield (1966)


Mebe I asked you before...but I had a Ms. Eve as a teacher at Gibson, I think for 3rd grade...was that the same Ms. Eve in the picture?...I am class of 66', without my doing the that about right?...Whoever she was, she was great!...Both my Mom, and my sister who followed her, taught at Gibson...but, is that the same Ms. Eve ? Marsha, my sister, bought Ms. Eve's parents house on Casa Linda (she was buddies with them before they moved to their ranch/farm property outside Woodland) she the same Ms. Eve?

05/12/22 08:33 AM #8650    


Donald Daily (1961)

We have recently lost a class of '60 member

Mary Medina Houpt Dec 4,1942 - April 7 2022.

I remember Mary in school at Cacheville. She was always sweet and kind. I renewed our friendship at a local church. Such a sweet lady. She leaves behind her husband Leonard and daughter Lisa as well as 2 grandsons.  Rest in the peace of our Lord


05/13/22 08:09 AM #8651    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Craig:  Only one Mrs. Gwendloyn Eve, my Mother. She taught at Gibson School for years, until her retirement which was sometime in 1980s.   No parents in Woodland.  We build our home at 6 North McKinley, across from the Beamer Street, Clark's Field Baseball Park.  Mother lived in her home until late 1990s.  If your sister bought the 6 North McKinley home, she bought a well built home with a large foundation.  I would play on the foundation boards while it was being built.  It has a huge big living room with wonderful windows.   Craig you did have my Mother for a teacher.    

05/13/22 08:13 AM #8652    


Theresa Eve (1964)

My condolences to the family of Mary Medina.  I remember her well from Cacheville School.  Believe she had a brother Frank Medina.  Thank you Don for posting this message to recall her life with blessings.  

05/13/22 10:26 AM #8653    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

 Theresa...ooops... Ms. Eve was my teacher and taught during a time period with my sister, also a teacher at Gibson.

But the house is on Casa Linda... so sellers weren't related to Ms. bad, we get too soon oldt..and too late schmart

05/13/22 04:11 PM #8654    

Esther Villa (Lara) (1965)

FYI:  There were two Mary Medinas in Yolo.  They were cousins.  Mary with brother Frank lives in Hawaii.  Mary Houpt has an older sister, Lydia, still living in Yolo .


RIP Mary.  You will be missed.

05/14/22 11:37 AM #8655    


Dennis Amaral (1966)

Hey Theresa,  After I saw the picture of your mom, I totally remember her from Orricks.  Met so many wonderful people working there.  Friday and Saturday night East end turn-a-round for cruising Main.  $1.00 bought 5 gallons of gas.  (.19 per gallon).  Sounds like a deal but I was making $1.25 an hour at the time. 

  Been in Woodland all my life.  (73 years )  Sure glad I stayed here. Loving all the good memories classmates are sharing.


05/14/22 04:27 PM #8656    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Oh, yes, Dennis.  Mother would drive the 1950 Chevy in for gas, as would Dad.  Dad did all his car business at Orricks, as well as all the tires.  Thank you for your addition to the stories.  Seems like yesterday.  I must add that Mother would let the cars go too low on gas.  Many times Dad would run out of gas getting to Orricks.  Dennis do you remember the first black VW Bug that Dad had?  It was always have issues.  


05/14/22 06:39 PM #8657    


Dennis Amaral (1966)

Hey Theresa,  I remember the 50 chevy and the 67 chevy.  I remember some customers had Black VW Bugs, But not your Dads.  I can only picture him and that smile in the chevys.


05/15/22 08:15 AM #8658    

JoAnn Kergel (Wirth) (1965)


I so remember the black VW.  Was so novel then and my dad always refered to them as pg rollerskates.  We owned a Dasher in the mid seventies and drove it until it got too small for the family.  Good car, good gas mileage.  Jo Ann

05/15/22 08:45 AM #8659    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Dennis and JoAnn: The black VW was  little.  Dad bought it from Mr. Witham, Linda's father.  I think it was originally Linda's older brother's car.  Dad was most in love with the 1950 Chevy Bell, a lovely classic.  Glad you rememberr Dad's smile Dennis.  He was most happy taking care of his cars, the garden or fishing.   The VWs were easy to maintain. Later,  Dad bought a really nice new  beige VW from Harter's in Davis.  I ended up buying it from him as my car to get to my first job.  

05/15/22 08:25 PM #8660    


Dennis Amaral (1966)

When we worked at Orricks, I would trade my 66 Mustang GT  with Jim Miracle's little VW Bug at lunch time.  I was more comfortable in the VW front Seat than in My Mustang front seat.  Saw that Jim has passed away.  He was class of 69.  I did not know. May he rest in peace.

Dennis Amaral

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