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08/30/21 05:52 AM #8388    


Gary Tibbals (1965)

Thanks for the up date on ART, Gary

08/31/21 07:35 AM #8389    

Bernard Rocksvold (1965)

Art was one of the truly nice guys. Always glad to see you no matter how many years had passed.

Rest in peace Art.

09/01/21 08:33 AM #8390    

Carole J Urain (Ward) (1961)

Anne Douglas:

Thank you so much for posting the 1951 class picture. You have made me very happy. My brother, Donald Laverne Urain passed in 2020 of COVID in Las Vegas, Nevada. When we were little kids, I can remember us  bringing home the picture packets from school. Unfortunately our family did not have the money to purchase that picture. When I saw him in his little black and white, or maybe yellow, checkered shirt, I had a good cry. He used to want to wear it every Saturday to the movie theater to see the cowboy movies. Thank you again Anne.

Long live my wonderful memories of Woodland and Beamer Grammer School.


Carole Jean Urain Ward



09/02/21 08:41 AM #8391    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Bernard:  So true.  Art Fortis was a gentleman, very kind and soft spoken.  Bless him and his family.  It is so difficult to learn of our 1964 Classmates passing, or any classmates at Woodland High School.    

09/03/21 08:29 PM #8392    

Greg Kareofelas (1962)

I found this going thru some old school stuff - I think I got it around the third grade?? Does anyone else from Holy Rosary, from about the mid 1950's, have anything (the dogtags or the memory) like this. I tend to remember they gave this to us, in case the godless commies bombed us and we got lost or something. It was during this time period we used to hide under our desks during a A Bomb drills? So I am not sure if this was just a Holy Rosary thing or a Woodland School thing??

09/04/21 09:11 AM #8393    

Barbara Avilla (Hurley) (1961)

I have one too.  I have kept it in my jewelry box. It is a memento from Holy Rosary.

09/04/21 09:31 AM #8394    

Kay Most (Chapman) (1962)

I got a set of these dog tags in 1st Grade while attending Dingle.  Mine also had my blood type on it (listed incorrectly), and I have no idea how they got that information.  It all tied into the bomb drills we did, I think.

09/04/21 09:55 AM #8395    

Bernard Rocksvold (1965)

I don't remember getting a "dog tag". Holy Rosary burned right after I started first grade. Thing were in quite a termoil after that. If I did get one I probably lost it in less than 5 minutes.

09/04/21 05:09 PM #8396    

Judy Nusz (Andrade) (1964)

09/05/21 09:38 AM #8397    

Frances Handley (Jones) (1964)

What a nice surprise to see all those  pictures of all the smiling little faces this morning !  How cute we all were !! Funny how you can still identify all your classmates even after all these years . Thanks for posting them!'

The 50s were such a special time to grow up in and in such a great hometown. We were truly blessed and off to a great start!

09/05/21 11:08 AM #8398    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Fran:  Are you on the end in the second row, last picture.  Love these pictures such a good time, those 50s.  Wonderful dresses.   

09/07/21 10:51 AM #8399    

Dan Ree (Ree) (1964)

Yes..Francis....the 50's were great times  in a great Home Town in Woodland......still remember today the times in Woodland....Great Teachers  and the friends we made in every grade....something  Kids today are missing if Only.....they were allow to adventure in the Past and see what we saw  and enjoyed.........I believed our Teachers are smiling in Heaven  and saying we did well in our lives.................No Cell Phones...No Computers  LOL

09/07/21 07:15 PM #8400    

Esther Villa (Lara) (1965)

RIP Art Fortis & Griselda Perez Diaz.

09/14/21 06:35 PM #8401    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

Yo Dan, my Man!...Long time on ye ole interneto...Glad yur still "keepin' on" they say...Well, those "kids'

these Days...not much different...than you and me...Just figurinin' it out...Doin' what they may...and Bein'

Here and Now...Takin' it all in...Que Sera Sera

09/15/21 10:23 AM #8402    

Greg Kareofelas (1962)

Rest in Peace Emily (Butler) Morris - class of 1962 - you leave us with many fond memories

09/25/21 09:20 PM #8403    

Greg Kareofelas (1962)

Hey Everyone that is still close to Woodland :-) Next Saturday (2 Oct) is the History Stroll Thru Woodland

You can find all the details on line, but it is a chance to see the insides of some of the Gorgeous older homes in Woodland. I'm looking forwardr to seeing the House at the corner of Cross and 2nd. I remember walking by this house on my way to high School. If all goes well, I'll take some pix and post them after the tour

09/26/21 12:27 PM #8404    

Kay Most (Chapman) (1962)

Greg Kareofelas...I look forward to seeing some of those old home photos should you get some taken.  Would love to go through some of those old places.

09/29/21 01:11 PM #8405    

Dave Contreras (1962)

On September 18th. 2021 Johnny Rademaker passed away from an illness.

RIP my good friend - DC

09/30/21 09:37 PM #8406    

Greg Kareofelas (1962)

Thanks Dave, for letting us know about John. Here is his pic from the Ilex

10/01/21 08:58 AM #8407    

Gene Difuntorum (1962)

I have nothing but good memories of John from elementary school thru high school. May he rest well. Thanks for the memories John. And, thank you Dave for posting this info.










10/01/21 09:54 AM #8408    

Bill Ehrke (1962)

Thanks Dave, Are ol class mate from way back at Beamer.

10/02/21 06:00 PM #8409    

Dolores Cabias (Buck) (1965)

Reading all the messages about folks who have passed on, some of whom I knew but not well. Some of you posting I remember as well.  I went to Laugenour Elementary School and attended WHS starting in 1961 (if I remember correctly). I graduated with the class of 65 and attended some reunions over the years. WHS was great. There are still some of my classmates from Laugenour who are residents of Woodland and I still sltay in touch. I have been thinking of orgonizing a reuion of students fro Laugenour. Are there any of you on this site who might be interested in a Laugenour reunion? Let me know.

10/04/21 08:45 AM #8410    

Nancy Lee Gilbert (Garcia) (1967)

Melvin Lee Campbell Sr.
1946 - 2017
Blanchard Family Funeral Home
611 Noble Street
Fairbanks, AK
Melvin Lee Campbell Sr., 71, of Fairbanks, passed away Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017, at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital surrounded by his loving family. Mel was born Feb. 28, 1946, in Redding, California, the fourth of six children born to Lena and Joseph Campbell. He was raised by his aunt and uncle, Mary and Melvin Eigner, whom he called mom and dad. He and his brothers, Joe and Greg, had many happy childhood memories, salmon fishing on the Trinity River, attending family picnics on the Klamath River, having family camp outs in Castella, California, and hunting for pheasant near their home.
Mel was a member of the Wintu Indian Tribe of Northern California. He was very proud of his Native American bloodlines, which stretched back for countless generations. Although Mel only knew a few colorful Wintu words, he used them often and to great effect.
Mel came to Alaska as a teenager to escape the hot weather of California and because his mother wanted to keep him out of trouble. He lived with his sister, Lola, and worked at Santa's Bakery, where he met Patricia Nottingham in 1969. They were married in 1970 and had three children, Rick, Mel Jr. and Rachel. Mel and Patti recently celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary Oct. 2, 2017. Mel enjoyed taking his boys to the stock car races when they were young and coaching Rachel's softball teams. Later, he was a dedicated grandfather and proud of his grandchildren. He had a magical way with babies and toddlers, who adored his funny faces and voices. Mel was always available to help his grandchildren and always could be counted on to buy them ice cream cones and cookies. He loved to spoil them.
Mel was a member of the Laborer's Union Local 942. He worked on the North Slope doing pipeline maintenance in the 1980s and also worked at Fairbanks Sand and Gravel and Clear Air Force Base. After his retirement in 2006, Mel spent countless hours volunteering for the Ice Dogs Hockey Club, where you could count on him to greet you at the door with a smile and a handshake. He also provided invaluable volunteer help to the Greater Fairbanks Racing Association, where he sometimes drove the water truck and helped clean around the racetrack and stands and do repairs. For two seasons, his green No. 2 modified stock car crawled around the track, earning him the moniker "Mr. Pokey." A dedicated sports fan, Mel followed the Atlanta Braves and San Francisco 49ers for many years. In his retirement, Mel loved maintaining the best lawn on the block and also keeping a close watch on the weather forecast. He'd often call to remind you to drive carefully because the roads would be slick.
Mel is preceded in death by his parents, Mary and Melvin Eigner, Lena and Roland Sargent and Joseph Campbell; his brothers, Kenneth and Gregory Campbell; brothers-in-law, David Machen and Joseph Lucero; and his nephew, Michael Hodges.
Mel is survived by his wife, Patricia; his sons, Richard (Helena) and Mel Jr. (Katherine Daily); his daughter, Rachel (Elizabeth Peterson); his brother, Joseph (Mary); his sisters, Rosemary Machen and family, Lola Hodges (Jerry) and Barbara Lucero and family; his nieces, Debra Woods and family, and Shirley Anderson (Dennis); his nephew, Jay Hodges (Cork); his grandchildren, Joshua (AshLee), Brandon, Sierra Owen (Forrest), Eathan, Hayley, Savannah Garrett, Dylan, Zachary, Emily, Lucy and Paul; his great-grandchildren, Arianna, Colten and EverLee; and many more cousins, nieces, nephews and friends too numerous to mention but loved all the same.
Mel never met a stranger and believed in being a good neighbor and a good citizen. He always could be seen around town, picking up trash, helping a neighbor shovel a driveway or mowing someone's lawn. He was always the first to volunteer whenever a neighbor or family member needed help of any kind. In lieu of flowers or donations, the family asks that you pay it forward to a neighbor or friend in Mel's memory.
A celebration of life will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 4, at the Laborer's Union Hall, 2740 Davis Road. Friends and family are welcome to bring a small side dish or dessert to share.
Arrangements were entrusted to Blanchard Family Funeral Home, 482-3232. Condolences may be made to
Published by Daily News-Miner on Oct. 26, 2017.

10/13/21 07:08 PM #8411    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

Good Evening 60'rs\

Just saw Bill Shatner's post space trip interview...emotional, incredible for the 90 year old "Actor", science fiction book writer, and a buncha other things...OLD GUY who has his (whatever)...Together...He appeared Overwhelmed (possibly cause He was) ...Still Alive!!...But, on the Beauty of Earth...the Death (OK, He's 90) of the Black Void of Space...But, emotional as he was...He was right....The Joy of Oxygen and the whole way this works for Life on Earth...Our Beutiful Blue/Green "Mother Earth"...a rarity in the Cosmic Void of Experiments that is the Energy of the Universe...(perhaps)...And even if Life is a "Dime a Dozen" Everywhere in the Universe...Just watchin' "Captain Kirk" experience Earth and the Blackness of Space...and his probable not too distanr "passing" what and where...was....well...!...Yeah






10/14/21 08:56 AM #8412    


Theresa Eve (1964)

It was amazing to hear his words about his space trip!  Nice to hear some very positive words about our earth and its value to all, which provides a great perspective on life, the value of the earth, and mankind, as in kind.  Thank you Craig for your post on this important news to us all.  Interesting how a movie of just wonder becomes the true in the present. 

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