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04/21/21 02:09 PM #8095    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Gary, Happy April 12th Birthday - My best wishes to you.  My sisters are, left to right, JoAnne, me, and then Mary Eve, the oldest.  Mary was 1962 Sugar Queen.  (Don't tell her I posted that information as she would really be upset with me.)   

04/21/21 02:16 PM #8096    


Theresa Eve (1964)

1962 Beauties  Sugar Queen Fair Contest- unfortunately Miss Kay Gunter, lovely as she was in spirit, personality and beauty, has passed.  Kay lived right behind us.  

04/21/21 05:27 PM #8097    


Sandra Humphrey (Smith) (1964)

A belated Happy Birthday Theresa. You look wonderful!! Great you got to celebrate with your sisters. I turned 74 Feb 5th. One of the "youngsters" in our class. Can we really be in our 70's - no way😉. All the best this coming year!!

04/21/21 05:51 PM #8098    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Dear Sandra (Young as you are!):    We had better give our very loving wishes now!!  Birthdays such as ours are pushing the envelope from the Class of 1964!  Where did those years go?  So glad to see so many good friends, looking good and sharing greetings.  We have a lot of history around us now!  Just think of the fun and good times!!!!  Flowers and roses do the trick!   A glass of wine on the patio with friends and family is the best!  We so need a Class Reunion again at the Hotel Woodland!!!  Always a joy!!


04/22/21 10:10 AM #8099    

Paula Buchignani (1966)

Theresa Eve:  Wising you a Belated "75" BD🎊🎈🎉🎂?>?


04/23/21 09:50 AM #8100    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Paula:  Thank you for your Birthday Wishes; as to all of our 1964 Classmates.  I will always remember your brother in our class, Richard Buchignani, who was so artistic.  He developed our class mascot, the Purple/White Giraffe; class song "High Hopes".  Richard was great friends with Alfred Catalan; always saw the two together.   They were the ones who put the frogs in the Woodland Library Book Return!!! 



04/23/21 10:06 AM #8101    


Theresa Eve (1964)


Tim's, a common place to see our Woodland High School 1964 Classmates.  Love this picture.  

04/24/21 12:06 PM #8102    


Gary Wegener (1966)

I worked at Tim's ~ 1964-66..  Who could ask for a better job in high school.

Got to deliver food orders on Tim's Honda 90.  My dad was dead set against motorcycles because of a bad accident he had as a kid, but I got him to go for one ride with me.  He mellowed, I got a Honda 90 and pretty soon Mike Blank got one and we had some awesome back road trips.   

Turns out pop's bad accident happened riding in the country past a farm house and their big dog always chased him, which he found amusing.  Till one day the dog got a head start and nailed him.  Pop said he woke up a day later in a hospital room with padded walls.  Go figure.

Took the Honda 90 to Cal Poly my 1st year and would ride it home up 99 on breaks.  Slip streaming behind a semi was the only way I could keep up with traffic.  Fun times but lucky no accidents. (Yet).


04/24/21 02:57 PM #8103    


Joel Childers (1966)

Bill Hoecker, my mother's (and Charlie Hoecker's) younger brother, still lived in the big house on third street when we were little kids going to Beamer school. He was a motorcycle fanatic. He rebuilt bikes in our garage and was especially fond of Indian motorcycles. He often took us for rides around Woodland on the back of his bike. He would take corners tilted almost sideways. Very exhilerating. Uncle Bill moved to Whittier and became a motorcycle highway patrolman. By the way, he married a lovely Cherokee woman from Oklahoma. (irony? coincidence? insert bad joke? never mind.) Later my brother David bought a Triumph motorcycle to my mothers horror. He and Vern Larson used to ride all over Yolo county together especially up Rumsey and Guinda way until Dave took a spill on a gravel road. He got a little scraped up, so that was the end of his riding days. A few years later when I was living in Bowman, I borrowed a room-mate's Hondo 50 and took it for a joy leather. I hit some gravel on a curve, tore my elbow open and ended up in the hospital with 36 stitches. Live and learn, eh? 

04/24/21 04:56 PM #8104    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

Well, wonder your Russia excursion was such a breeze for you...Easy Rider in Putinland !

04/24/21 04:58 PM #8105    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

Joel...was those Martians threw sumthin' on the Road....

04/25/21 05:28 AM #8106    


Joel Childers (1966)

Craig - Considering the bunch of partiers I hung out with in that cabin in Bowman, I believe I did see a Martian that morning.

04/25/21 05:33 AM #8107    


Joel Childers (1966)

CORRECTION: A thousand apologies to friends and family of Vern Larson whom I inadvertently named as my brother's motorcycle companion. It was Vern Ivie, who's name escaped me in a senior moment.

04/26/21 09:38 AM #8108    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Joel Childers, when I think back to the 1960s and the Folk Music, I think of your older brother, David singing Wolverton Mountain on the guitar.  He was a great guitar singer.  

04/26/21 01:37 PM #8109    


Jean Wright (Johnson) (1960)

Just a note to Dick Pardini, i just received a email from him and i do believe he has been hacked.

Jeanne Johnson

04/27/21 10:00 AM #8110    


Joan Richter (Lucchesi) (1960)

Jeanne Johnson, I don't think it was Dick's everyone I sent an email out to in the class got the same message.

04/28/21 10:30 AM #8111    


Gary Wegener (1966)

About a month ago, I sought guidance on the forum about "secure certificates" being offered by Class Creators (our website host) for an additional $35/yr.  Got some real positive responses, and some mixed reviews about how much added security it actually provided.  Regarding price, I was advised that $35 a year was on the cheaper side for this product.  

 What was clear was that not having the feature created definate appearance problems ('not secure' labels on webpages) in addition to whatever degree of site vulnerability was left uncorrected.  So I got 5 yrs protection and will re-evaluate it at that time.  The difference you will see now is the padlock icon in the address field on all our web pages.  You can sleep safe tonight... :)



04/28/21 11:45 PM #8112    

Bernard Rocksvold (1965)

Thanks Gary...... Smart move!

04/29/21 06:01 AM #8113    


Jean Wright (Johnson) (1960)

Hi Gary 

I just was curious if this "secure certificate was in effect at the time of this fiasco happening?  I do hope nothing comes from it?  


04/30/21 09:56 AM #8114    


Gary Wegener (1966)

Jean, I signed up for the 'secure certificate' ~ 26 April and noticed they had it installed/activated it on the 28th.  I am not sure how widespead the hacking you are addressing got; I don't believe I got any Dick Pardini related emails.  I just talked to Dick and he said he didn't think what happened was related to the website.

From what I have been told, hacking into personal information for a whole website requires an extensive amount of focused effort on that particular site, and hackers typically don't waste their time on it unless there is a perceived benefit to the hacker.  We don't fit that profile.

04/30/21 12:14 PM #8115    


Jim Barger (1963)

Here I am in Sheldon, CA working out with my Arabian,  Monte.

04/30/21 12:15 PM #8116    


Jim Barger (1963)

Here I am in Sheldon, CA  working out with my Arabian Horse,  Monte.   Jim Barger, Class of 1963


04/30/21 01:22 PM #8117    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Jim:  Good picture with you and your horse.  Keep on riding, good for the soul and body.  Nice to see you are active and doing well.  

05/01/21 09:57 AM #8118    


Jim Barger (1963)

Thank you Theresa,

Monte was an Arabian Horse that was given to me by a Fellow worker at Federal Express.  Their Family raised Arabian Horses that they sold to Sheiks and Patrick Swaze.     All I had to do was Geld him, Train Him, and Find a Place to Board him which I did in Sheldon, CA.   I have had him for Twenty Years and we have had fun together.  I support him and he supports me.   I have had a Horse in my Lilfe ever since my Days in the US Army.  I vowed that If I survived Vietnam, I would get a Horse when I got home and I did.  Jim



05/01/21 10:51 AM #8119    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Good story.  Horses know and love their owners who care for them with love.  He looks good!


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