WHS60s financial reports

Wrap-up of the Sept 2013 WHS 60s Decade Reunion (770 attendees)...

(Oct 31 2013 update)  Click here for a financial summary of the reunion.  

We have ~$2500 left for the next big one...

Periodic Reconciliations  6 July 2014    21 August 2015    10 April 2016   8 Sept 2017

Click here for the Planning Committee listing and who did what at the event, with contact info.

Questions/corrections, contact Gary Wegener

At the Planning Committee wrap-up meeting Oct 3rd, the Executive Committee recommended that $200 from the proceeds of the reunion be given back to each class, as seed money for their next function.  Additionally, they recommended that $10,000 from the proceeds of the reunion be presented to the Woodland Schools Foundation for use at their discretion at the three Woodland High Schools, in part as a thank you for their volunteer support during the reunion event, and in the spirit of ‘giving back’ to the high school(s) as a thank you for our “high school experience”.  (This would leave $2000 plus ‘seed money’ for the next WHS60s event.)

Based on the concurrence of the Planning Committee members present, $200 checks were distributed to each class (click here for details) and ...

(left to right): Kathy Aukes, WSF board chairman, Tania Garcia-Cadena, WSF board member, recieving the check from WHS 60's Decade Reunion Executive Board members Joan Lucchesi, Frankie Lopez, Dee Kindelt, Gary Wegener, and Debbie Bruno.


Questions: contact Gary Wegener or Joan Lucchesi Richter