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04/04/21 08:38 AM #8069    

Greg Kareofelas (1962)

I know I keep asking this question :-) But, does anyone have a picture of the A&W cruise? A&W?  The "Roller skate girls"?? I think it is incredible that something that was "So Important" back in the day, no one has a pic :-)

04/04/21 08:38 AM #8070    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Thank you Gary!  Happy Easter Sunday to all!!!   We have a lot to be thankful for this lovely Spring Day!  

The vaccine is one good plus for us all.  

04/04/21 10:18 AM #8071    


Jim Barger (1963)



Thank you for your kind words about the Senior Class Movie of 1963.   I realized that when we were making the Movie back in 1963 loosely based upon the Dragnet TV Show that this Movie would one day be a critical part of our High School Reunions.   We could have done so much more in the Movie, but it was supposed to be a Talent Show Movie which is why we had Connie Long sing "Tonight" as our Class were the Sharks from the Movie "West Side Story"      Gary Dodson also filmed scenes with our Class Choir Singing but their voices were lost when the Original Tape Recording was lost before we even showed the Movie at the State Theater in Woodland.    We have lost a lot of the actors who were filmed as well as the Producers, Bruce Baccei and Gary Dodson.   I rescued the Movie from Gary Dodson because I knew it would be great to show it at Future Reunions and I have been able to do that and even more as the Technology of film preservation as changed over the years.  As it was shot with color film and the Dragnet Theme I do not think it qualifies as Film Noir. More stories later about my trip to Hollywood to copy the film and my work with Bill Rase Studios in Sacramento as it was able to put film and sound track togeter as one VHS Film.      Class of 1963 Historian,  Jim Barger

04/05/21 06:33 PM #8072    


Craig Mayfield (1966)


Yep, Fim noir, with the shadows...the deep, dark, crime investigation or the questionable femme fatale??

Was she??...But, genius on your part...creativity...take a chance...Hey, Bonanza was the first "color TV" I

ever saw...we gathered rown'...the big ol' age, LOL, hi tech!...many forms of Art...but, again, pretty

cool fr' a Teen...On and on



04/05/21 06:35 PM #8073    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

And, Bill Rase!...jeez, the Memories....

04/05/21 07:53 PM #8074    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

and again...back near the jungle fire...listening to the Secret Words...again...whispered to Me...of the Upanisads

04/09/21 10:51 AM #8075    


Joan Richter (Lucchesi) (1960)

I'm sorry to tell you of the passing of Michaele (Anderson) Ross. She was a bright light of our class of 1960. Rest in Peace, Mike.

04/15/21 09:30 PM #8076    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

Hi and Hello...they say

The Clock ticks...

The Cock cries...

The Sun Rise...

The day ...Arise



04/15/21 09:44 PM #8077    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

LOL !!!

04/16/21 08:36 PM #8078    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Just had my big 75th birthday, April 12th.  Sharon Little Boatman, reminded me by a phone call that I am 3/4 of a Century Old.   Oh, that hurts!  I feel 20.  So among all our good Classmates of 1964 Woodland High School,  we are headed into that label.  So who did I hear from on this big occassion, besides my loving family?  I heard from Rick Gonzales ( by phone), Edlon Larson, who shares the same birthday date, Malcolm Gray, Sharon Little Boatman, Anne Loud, Jeanne Vaugh, Norman Hoffman, Julie Eis, Joace Wunder Tauzer; all great words of greeting.  Never to this day did I  imagin getting to this age, or even thinking about it.  My sister, JoAnne, flew up from Arizon to surprise me at my doorstep; now that is one big surprise.  I wish all of you the best as we reach and touch this age.  We have become our parents. 

04/16/21 09:04 PM #8079    


Theresa Eve (1964)

 Here are the cards I would get in the 1950s.  As time goes by!  

04/16/21 09:11 PM #8080    


Joan Richter (Lucchesi) (1960)

I have been asked if the class of 1961 is having a 60th class reunion this year. Does anyone know?

04/16/21 11:47 PM #8081    

Don Murdoch (1962)

Joan, call Donna Fann or Carol Hiddleson Wright.  I have Donna's phone number if you need. it.

04/17/21 09:05 AM #8082    

Dee (Marilee) Damsen (Kindelt) (1965)

Happy Birthday Theresa - better late than not at all - sounds like you had a lot of good wishes and having your sister surprise you - what a treat!  Take care - Marilee

04/17/21 09:48 AM #8083    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Dear Marilee:  Thank you for the birthday wishes, 3/4 Century Old at 75.  Nice to always hear from Yolo friends.  JoAnne visiting me at my door, as a surprise, was so great.  

04/17/21 01:57 PM #8084    


Joan Richter (Lucchesi) (1960)

Thanks, Don. I got in touch with Carol.

04/17/21 03:21 PM #8085    


Theresa Eve (1964)

One Hundred Years Ago, April 14, 1912; The  R.M.S., Titanic, sank in the icy waters of the north Atlantic. 

04/17/21 06:54 PM #8086    

Don Murdoch (1962)

Joan, Are they going to have one?

04/18/21 09:42 AM #8087    


Joan Richter (Lucchesi) (1960)

Don, no, they are not.

04/18/21 03:33 PM #8088    


Paul Schattauer (1961)

Well dang!

04/18/21 06:43 PM #8089    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

Well,' .....Sakes!...My son got a White German Shepard...least she's started out that way...5 months yesterday...We been babysitting...if I don't (so Far) have gangrene from the Damn' puppy love bites...

Well, you know....Dog's a trip...Smart...Had one in a drom in 66'...up in oregon...puppy,,,given to me there...

olmost got kicked out of the dorm...She went to the Owners of a beautiful Oregon Ranch



04/18/21 07:47 PM #8090    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

20....only ?

04/19/21 05:38 PM #8091    


Craig Mayfield (1966)


And Happy Birthday...we're all Kids, of one sort or another, in the scheme of things, i believe...

04/19/21 08:05 PM #8092    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Thank you Craig!  It is so crazy to say 75, when I feel 20 or younger, going to Woodland High School and getting though my classes, and working so hard.  Did those days pass?  Always had to get home after school to get my studies done and help with the dinner.  It was a process, parents coming home fixing dinner and then studies and getting ready for the next day.  Living in Woodand was so close, no big drive to work or back.  When I moved to Sacramento transportation was an issue.   

04/20/21 06:00 PM #8093    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

And Theresa,

Kid or of a different whatever Material form...I suppose

that is...the Eternal Spirit...that was wanted

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