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11/09/18 10:50 AM #6495    

JoAnn Kergel (Wirth) (1965)

Please Chico area folks register on the Red Cross safe list so we can check to make sure you are ok.  I have confirmed that two friends have had their homes destroyed but are safe.  Another terrible tragic fire that is far from over.  Paradise is gone.  All the schools, hospital and business core.  The fire has swept down Butte Canyon destroying homes and the historic covered bridges in the area.  East Chico has been evacuated and is at risk.  Stay safe Butte Co.

11/10/18 12:09 PM #6496    


Charlotte Apodaca (Lucero) (1961)

Regarding the Butte County fires: I can’t even imagine the experience that families are having at this moment; however, please reach out to all of us, and let us know what you need in the way of clothing, furniture, blankets, etc - what is the best way of getting personal items to you.

While I can’t speak for everyone - I would say many of us are here to provide support to you.


11/10/18 12:55 PM #6497    

Robert Cowing (1965)

Lynn Baker Carando passed away suddenly Nov. 1, at the age of 73.

She grew up in Yolo and had resided in Winters for the past 46 years. She graduated from Woodland High School in 1963.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Philip Carando, in 2007. She is survived by her daughter and son in law, Sherri and Joe Corrales, and her three grandchildren, Chelsea, Courtney and Christian Corrales and her beloved cat, "Dinky".

Funeral services will be private.   Published in Daily Democrat on Nov. 10, 2018

11/10/18 05:56 PM #6498    

Don Murdoch (1962)

I just talked with classmate Leroy Hooker.  He apparently lost his house as did another classmate, Al Roach. Both lived in Paradise.  More to come when I hear.

11/11/18 10:38 AM #6499    


Charlotte Apodaca (Lucero) (1961)

Regarding Veterans Day.  Let’s never forget all the women and men who served in the armed forces in the name of freedom and democracy.   

To all military personnel past and present, thank you for your service.  To all the families who’s husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts who died on foreign soil for us - LET US NEVER FORGET πŸŒΈπŸ™πŸŒΈ


11/11/18 08:38 PM #6500    

Darlene Hooker (Kirch) (1965)

Thank you Don Murdoch for posting about my brother LeRoy Hooker, class of 1962.  He just confirmed with me tonight that his house was definitely one of those lost in the Paradise fire.  Two months ago they had just finished a complete remodel and had their beautiful dream home built on the ridge overlooking the the forest.  So sad but life goes on and with God's strength and help, they will start over We are just thankful that they and other family members are safe. Stuff can be replaced.

11/12/18 05:05 AM #6501    

Janice Bell (Killian) (1966)

Thank you for posting about the fire in Paradise. Although we moved to Georgia, I am pstill care about my friends in California. Prayers for all who are affected by these fires.

11/13/18 11:29 AM #6502    


David Stotts (1965)

JoAnn-Just to let you and everyone else-the Chico people should all be okay.  The fire did not get to us.  It was touch and go for awhile as we did have an evacuation order in a small part of Chico on the Southeast tip of town.  We even packed up and moved to a safer part of Chico as we live very close to that area.  We were able to come home the next day.  This has been an unbeleivable few days up here.  The devastion up here is hard to imagine.  We all have friends who have lost everything.  It looks like the necessities have been donated in abundance but if anyone can donate money to the United Way-that would be the best help at this time.  You can find the CampFire on the United Way site.

11/13/18 06:03 PM #6503    


Theresa Eve (1964)

The news is full of fires in California, all so sad.  Chico, taking  in people from Paradise; so very sad.  Getting donations ready, directly to friends with cash and through  the Red Cross.  Blessings to them all, and to the animals.  Nice to see these thoughts mentioned on the Forum.

11/13/18 06:06 PM #6504    


Theresa Eve (1964)

My condolences to the family and friends of Lynn Baker.  I remember her as a classmate in Yolo.  She was a pretty blond girl.  Her mother made most  of her lovely clothes.  Blessings for Lynn in Heaven.  Prayers.  

11/14/18 10:51 AM #6505    


Gary Wegener (1966)

Classmates in Paradise and Magalia...

  • I got word that Tom and Colleen (McNeil) Corcoran (both '66)are ok.
  • That Leroy '62 and Jan Hooker are ok.
  • That Julia (Henin) Walker '61 is ok.

I asked them to let me/us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Does anyone have contact with these other classmates listing Paradise or Magalia as home (if so, please let me know or give me the contact info )

  • Gail Sutton and Sharon (Sutton) Cunningham, both Class of '63?
  • Or Jim Kinser, '66?
  • Or, Deanna (Morris) Isenhower '66?
  • Or Laura (Watterson) Inglehart '64?
  • Or Mike Huerta '69?

Please keep all the fire victims in your througths and prayers.

Gary Wegener (, 530 908 4914)


11/14/18 11:38 AM #6506    


Carol Dunton (Stone) (1968)

With all due respect for the fire victims, firefighters, families, animals and all involved,  I just wanted to offer up a lighter side of life that may take peoples’ minds off of these tragic events if even for a short while.  My husband and I play 50’s and 60s  music and we will be sharing our music this Saturday, November 17th, at Seka Hill Olive Mill and Tasting Room from 1 pm to 3 pm.  It’s an easy drive up (just across from the Casino).  This  will be an easy-going, relaxing Saturday afternoon.  Hope to see you there. 

11/14/18 12:42 PM #6507    


Nancy Rollins (Gantz) (1968)

Carol, I wish I lived closer to listen to you and your husband play!

Has anyone heard if Paul Liberman in Chico is okay? Is everyone in Woodland okay?

11/14/18 05:14 PM #6508    


Carol Dunton (Stone) (1968)

Nancy, we’d love to have you.   Also I just emailed Paul. 

11/15/18 09:22 AM #6509    

Paul Lieberum (1968)

We are here in Chico and doing fine other than housebound due to the smoke. The fire came close but thanks to the valient efforts of all the firefighters, we were spared but have become the main refugee center for all the poor souls that have lost everything up the hill and in the canyons close by. We have many friends who are in that situation and are doing what we can to help. It's heartwrenching and will take a long time to recover. The town of Paradise will never be the same and many historic treasures are gone forever. Thanks to all classmates for your concern and if you want to help, probably the best way is to contribute to the Red Cross or, more locally, the North Valley Community Foundation

11/15/18 09:38 AM #6510    


Gary Wegener (1966)

Update (Nov 16th) on Classmates in Paradise and Magalia...

  • I got word that Tom and Colleen (McNeil) Corcoran (both '66)are ok.
  • That Leroy '62 and Jan Hooker are ok.
  • That Julia (Henin) Walker '61 is ok.
  • Also the Suttons, and Jim Kinser are ok
  • Also Jerry Bally '62 and Al Roach '62/Linda Roach '64 are ok.
  • Also Deanna Morris Isenhower '66 is ok
  • Jerry Bally '62 is ok.

I asked them to let me/us know if there is anything we can do to help.  Right now, I think they are just happy to be alive

Does anyone have contact with these other two classmates listing Paradise or Magalia as home (if so, please let me know or give me the contact info )

  • Or Laura (Watterson) Inglehart '64?
  • Or Mike Huerta '69?

Please keep all the fire victims in your througths and prayers.

Gary Wegener (, 530 908 4914)


PS And 'being ok' primarily means got out alive.  Many homes lost, but while seems secondary now, it is a real issue.

11/15/18 10:05 AM #6511    


Donald Daily (1961)

Regarding Deanna Isenhower

According to her FaceBook post, they are safe but have lost their house. Prayers for them and the Paradise area and lives of all.

Don Daily "61

11/15/18 11:50 PM #6512    

Rosemary Leventon (Hartwig) (1965)

Carol, My daughter and grand daughter took me to Father Paddy's last Thurday (11/8) and thoroughly enjoyed your music.  What a treat for my irthday!  Thank you again.  Rosemary Hartwig.  Class of 1965.

11/16/18 03:03 PM #6513    

Lynn Rollins (Wilson) (1968)

Paul, it is heartwarming to hear how you and others have reached out to help your friends and neighbors who have suffered from the devastation created by the relentless fires.  Thank you to you and your family for extending a helping hand to those in need!

11/16/18 04:39 PM #6514    


Nancy Rollins (Gantz) (1968)

I so agree with Lynn and wish I still lived in Woodland to help the very sad and tragic.

11/16/18 09:40 PM #6515    


Gary Wegener (1966)

Al Roach gave me an update on their situation.  They lived in Paradise but were visiting in Woodland when the fire broke out.  Their daughter and her kids also lived in Paradise, and had a harrowing experience getting out.  Homes gone,but all are safe, Puts a new perspective on life.

If you are looking for a way to help, Al said that Convoy of Hope is doing an excellent job of helping victims of the fire.


Mike Huerta '69, is on the Butte County Sheriff's 'missing persons' list, along with two other Huerta's.  Keep them in your prayers.

11/17/18 09:06 AM #6516    

Jenny Johnson (Norman) (1966)

Thank you for the updates, and for the suggestions of the best places to give donations to help.  As with so many others, prayers going up for all involved!

11/17/18 09:12 AM #6517    


Carol Dunton (Stone) (1968)

Just got word that our gig at Seka Hills in Brooks will definitely be indoors AND they will offer a 35% discount on a mixed cases of wine - now that’s a bonus 😊      1 - 3 pm  today. 

11/17/18 09:20 AM #6518    


Carol Dunton (Stone) (1968)

And thanks Rosemary for your kind words.  It’s a joy for us to share our music.  We’ll be back there December 13th.  If you come, please come up and say ‘hi’. 


11/18/18 09:59 PM #6519    

Rosemary Leventon (Hartwig) (1965)

My pesure.  If I wasn't planning to go back that night, I am now.  Thanx Carol!yes

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