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09/19/20 03:00 PM #7696    


Joel Childers (1966)

Kay - You were in my brother David's class at WHS. Your class was graduating just before our class arrived in 1962. I also took piano lessons from Mrs. Bentz for about three years. Oh, how I hated piano recitals, but I am SO glad she pushed me to practice and learn how to play. I still do to this day. Thanks to Mrs. Bentz.


09/19/20 03:12 PM #7697    

Jeff Barrow (1966)

Starr and I have been fortunate enough to be the custodians of the wonderful Gable Mansion since 1997. As only the third owner since its construction in 1885, we have tried to preserve the past grandeur of the home while also bringing it into the 21st Century regarding electrical, plumbing, foundation, painting, HVAC, etc. There have usually been two charitable fund raising tour events each year and hopefully we can get back to that when these current health restrictions are eased. We have a few old pictures in the files that are fun to see. The one below shows Amos Gable, the original owner, in his horse and buggy in front of the home. The date is most likely the early 1890s.  


09/19/20 04:13 PM #7698    

Don Murdoch (1962)

Hi Jeff.  There's the tree I was describing.  Just imagine it with leaves and ivy with vines.  

09/19/20 04:36 PM #7699    

Jeff Barrow (1966)

Don: As you can see in the picture below, which I believe was taken sometime in the late 1950s, the yard of the Gable Mansion was quite overgrown. That big tree distinctly has a number of large vines hanging down which are probably the ones on which you were climbing. The tree had one large limb hanging over the house and a second large limb extending out over Cross Street. The base was over 10' in diameter. Unfortunately, about 10 years ago, it became badly diseased and the Arborist said it was dangerous so we were forced to remove it, which took over a week to accomplish. Sad to see it go.

09/19/20 08:38 PM #7700    

Doyle Phillips (1961)

Don and jeff, the picture posted by Jeff of around 1890 shows the tree I was referring to. The picture shows how far in front of the home the tree was. In the late 40's early 50's the tree extended beyond the curb onto First Street. There may have been another tree over from it with a hitching post in between.  


09/19/20 08:41 PM #7701    

Don Murdoch (1962)

Phil Rosasco, Pete Foster and I tried to build a 'fort' in that tree but had no way of getting the building supplies up that high.  It was hard enough to just climb up the vines.  By the way Jeff, I sure had a hard time explaining to my parents how that messy spot got on the living room carpet the night you, Fred Parker and Dave Gwaltney stayed the night after drinking numerous beers.  I believe it was when you were a senior in HS.  Do you remember?  What good times.

09/20/20 01:06 AM #7702    


Vern Larson (1960)

Hey Don, you should've got my little brother Eldon to give you a hand in building that fort. Eldon, with the help of Phil Rosasco, Vernon & Gary Ivey, Darrel Nelson, and probablly some more of his friends all helped in building a 3 level tree house in a giant, 8 foot in diameter oak tree in the field behind our little store out by Cache Creek. It was really awesome! There was a thick rope that we would swing on. We used the trunk of the tree as a back stop for years shooting, b.b.gun's, 22's, 30-06's, 300 Savage's, 12 & 16 guage shot guns, and bow & arrows at targets on the tree. We were at that little store from 1946 to 1964. After we moved the new owners desided to have the tree removed. I don't know how many chain saw blades they must have gone through beause that tree trunk was completely filled with lead.

09/20/20 08:57 AM #7703    

Greg Kareofelas (1962)

I think this another pic of the Oak Tree Don and everyone is talking about, I took this pic early 1971 - again before any restoration of the mansion had started.

09/20/20 09:28 AM #7704    

Jeff Barrow (1966)

Don, I do remember that night and it was a great time. I also remember buying your blue 1961 Ford Galaxie which was always one of my favorite cars.

Doyle, I believe the tree in the left corner of the 1890s picture is one of the Elm trees that lined the front of Gable Mansion. There were four or five of them and they did hang over First Street. The second owner of the home had the trees removed in the 1970s. The hitching post is still there.

09/20/20 11:40 AM #7705    

Don Murdoch (1962)

Greg, that's the one.  Imagine how it looked when completely full of leaves and mistletoe.

09/20/20 12:08 PM #7706    

Kay Most (Chapman) (1962)

Joel, I remember your brother David.  Nice guy.  Yes, Mrs. Bentz was a nice lady.  I took lessons from her (summers excluded) from 1st grade through high school.  My mother was always late picking me up, so I loved the stack of comic books Mrs. Bentz always had on hand that I could then read.  I wish I would have kept up with my playing better over the years....can't do an octave any more due to arthritis.  And yes, those recitals were nerve wracking.  I found an old program to one recently.  She had a lot of performances scheduled!

Greg, you are a great historian for the wonderful old B & W's of many things in Woodland.  I think it's great!

09/21/20 04:33 PM #7707    


Ron Blickle (1963)

In the obituary section of the Sacramento Bee yesterday, I noticed the death of Kent Lang on September 9, just one day shy of his 76th birthday.  There was no mention of the cause of death, nor his attending Woodland High School, but Kent was a really nice guy who always had a smile on his face and a friendly greeting for anyone he met.  RIP Kent. 

09/21/20 06:26 PM #7708    

Anna Lopez (Northam) (1963)

It was on the news about Kent Lang. Him and his wife were hit by a wrong way driver on the river road.

09/21/20 06:29 PM #7709    

Anna Lopez (Northam) (1963)

On the news it also had a picture of kent and then one of his whole family. 

09/22/20 08:17 AM #7710    

Susan Berg (Yates) (1966)

So sorry and sad to hear of Kent's passing you will have to look long and hard to find a better person than he. He was respectful and respected by all that knew him or met him, may he Rest In Peace! Condolences to his family he will surely be missed by all. 

09/23/20 08:49 AM #7711    

Janet Long (Levers) (1966)

There's a great article in today's (9/23) Daily Democrat about our classmate Greg Karofelas and his safekeeping of a Monarch butterfly, egg to adult. If you need something refreshing, check it out online.

09/23/20 01:27 PM #7712    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Greg:  Nice article in the Democrat about you and the Monarch Butterfly named Ruth, after Justice Ruth Ginsburg.  It was quite a tale for sure.  Good job.  

09/23/20 09:33 PM #7713    

Howard Amen (1966)

Don,  I have climbed my share of trees and I have yet  to see any mistletoe growing in an oak tree.  Trees that usually have mistltoe growing in them are usually Black and english walnot, modesto ash and cottonwood.  I'm sure Jeff could answer that question.

09/23/20 11:09 PM #7714    

Don Murdoch (1962)

Howard:  You should climb more oak trees.  Google mistletoe.  It states "Mistletoe is a parasitic evergreen that lives on trees suck as oaks, elms, firs, pines and apple"   When I lived in Redding, we had 3 oak trees that were full of mistletoe.  I had to continuously remove the mistletoe to save the trees.

09/27/20 12:12 PM #7715    

Tim Tucker (1965)

Throughout my life, many people have said to me: "Go climb a tree."

09/29/20 03:42 PM #7716    

Howard Amen (1966)

Don  I still climb trees as old as I am.  There are different types of oak trees.  I have yet to see valley oak trees  that have mistletoe.  I was hoping Jeff would come to my aid and verify that there wasn't any mistletoe in his oak tree.  Show me any oak or pine trees in woodland. that  have mistletoe in them.  As for you Tim,  I was wondering what has happened to you and your corny jokes.

09/29/20 03:51 PM #7717    

Tim Tucker (1965)

Howard...Ouch !

09/29/20 07:59 PM #7718    

Don Murdoch (1962)

Howard:  To solve this argument, all you have to do is Google "Valley Oak/Mistletoe"  I just did and learned that Valley Oaks are very susceptible to mistletoe.  I know that there was mistletoe in the Gable Mansion tree as I climbed it numerous times in the 50s.  I also know that the three oak trees on my property in Redding were infested with mistletoe.  Apparently, you know more than the experts.  I find it hard to believe anything you say especially the way you put down a fine man like Tim Tucker.  Shame on you.

09/29/20 08:00 PM #7719    

Don Murdoch (1962)

Tim, what say you?

09/30/20 11:35 AM #7720    


Kathy Dodds (Brehm) (1965)

Howard,  I will come to your aid.  I live outside of Red Bluff on a 7 acre parcel that is covered with several hundred Valley Oak trees and not one tree has mistletoe in it.  Does that help your case.  

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