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09/16/17 07:13 AM #5427    

Craig Mayfield (1966)


09/16/17 07:19 AM #5428    

Craig Mayfield (1966)'s some soap for that F abbreviation...funny how my post above goes with your pic...sic em' commandant

09/16/17 07:55 AM #5429    

Allene Abbott (Prall) (1962)

O.K. Craig, I will play your game, although I would love to hear some other personal accounts of what people were doing when 911 occurred.  I love to hear about Woodland in the "good ole days" but I believe that variety is the spice of life.  Anyway, keeping within your boundaries, does anyone remember Peggy's Kitchen?  Or who owned it?  It was at the SE corner of East St. and Beamer St.   During the early 50's, my father used to take us there on a weekend morning to get breakfast - usually pancakes, as I recall.  The place was always packed.  I suppose the truckers traveling down the highway (East St.) used to stop there.  It closed sometime during the 50's and succeeding owners tried to make a go of it, but I think it eventually remained closed permanently.  I haven't been back to Woodland since 2007, so I don't know what, if anything, is there now.

09/16/17 09:42 AM #5430    


Paul Schattauer (1961)

Craig.  Thats my dog Katy, she was almost 13, I've had her since she was a puppy, sweetest gentilist dog I ever knew.  She recently started being disorented with other symtoms and Wednesday she started having serial grand mal siezures and we had to put her down.

09/16/17 09:59 AM #5431    


Linda Lopez (LaBrie) (1967)

Paul, sorry to hear about Katy. I too had to put my MinChi down before moving back to Woodland. She had cancer. Loss of an unconditional true friend.

Any pilots out there that could say if Watts Airport has any fly-ins happening during the year? I see Clear Lake has a Splash-in this weekend. Would be great if our area would do something like that. Brings in aircraft from all over the USA. 



09/16/17 10:31 AM #5432    


Tom Stewart (1969)

I remember Peggy's Kitchen very well.  It was my great grandmother's favorite place to go. 

Sorry to hear about your dog.  My dog is 14 and he is at the end of his life.  I keep hoping he will go naturally, but I may have to have him put down one of these days.  I hate that!!!

09/16/17 12:56 PM #5433    


Joan Richter (Lucchesi) (1960)

So sorry about your dog. they become a very large part of our families and it's difficult to loose them.

09/16/17 01:10 PM #5434    

Janet Long (Levers) (1966)

9/11 is definitely on my list of World Changing events, and just as meaningful for us to discuss here as the day JFK was show, which I believe was also discussed here quite a while ago. Both of these events were things our generation experienced first hand.

09/16/17 01:11 PM #5435    

Janet Long (Levers) (1966)

SHOT, not show. Stupid auto-correct

09/16/17 01:46 PM #5436    

Greg Kareofelas (1962)

Hey Allene

Yep, Peggy;s Kitchen - I lived next to the corner of Fifth and Beamer, so we could walk to Peggy;s Kitchen, Ever so often I run into the kids who's mom was Peggy, they sell out at the Marysville Flea Market, he's looking to see if he has a pic of the place he could share, The buiilding, much "remodeled" is still there, can't remember what it is now. In those days, no one took photos of the familiar, I tried to find a pic of "cruising the A&W" - no one had one :-)

And Yes, I know there is a lot of heavy stuff happening in the world today, but face it, at our age, you are not going to change our minds about anything, so you are either singing to the choir or else trying to stop the North Wind from blowing - We should keep this forum for the fun stuff:-) Like, did anyone take a pic of the "3 Jays" painted on the side of the Market??

09/16/17 03:31 PM #5437    

Glenda Smith (Stone) (1968)

I remember so few people from high school. If anyone remembers me, say hi. My dad was the typing teacher, Mr. Smith.

09/16/17 06:02 PM #5438    

Craig Mayfield (1966)

Well, last we relate...suppose we're gettin' too olde for the animosity thing...Doggers...what I call them...Tho, some luv cats...all we got left now..two cats...Hera and Athena...named by my sons...crazy/cool anamicules...but, not Doggers...Mans/Womans" bestest friend...well, you know...growing up, a boxer (Skipper) then was "Smokey Joe" Old English Bulldog...great Dad got him somwhere...had rickets or some such, as a puppy, Paws kinda' goin whichaway...but, good ol' boy, fr sure...Tho, when he let loose ...Well...Clear the Decks...those "silent ones"...Grab the gas Old English "Theodore Bear" from Carol Elliot...she was into the breed , had "shown" him all over by the time she gave him to me...he had me in law school, and after for awhile... "Merlie" after, a blue eye and a brown eye...bit my first born son when he jumped on the Dog...Adios...then Beardies later...Milo and Suzie...mine and my wife's Luvs...Oh, forgot the german shepard Pup I had in my dorm for as long as I could keep her...went to a great farm family in Oregon (where I went my Frosh year of college)...she was a peach pup...almost got me kicked outa' the


09/16/17 06:18 PM #5439    

Craig Mayfield (1966)

Yea...Greg...words from an old song you might remember..."I'd love to change the World...but I'll leave it up to You"

09/16/17 07:44 PM #5440    

Craig Mayfield (1966)

Tim...You're "Puckin' Us", right?!...Wolfgang...well, he's just a leetle bit

09/17/17 09:14 AM #5441    

Craig Mayfield (1966)

Tim...You deleted your "puck in cheek"...Sorry, thought it was clever....

09/17/17 10:53 AM #5442    

Joel Childers (1966)

9/11 and JFK. I was on the jam packed slow moving I-5 freeway morning commute to Seattle when the news came on the radio that the first tower was hit. I saw people freaking out in their cars until the traffic pretty much stopped. I was able to exit and pulled into a gas station mini-mart. The place was packed with people. By then the second plane had hit. Half the people in the place were sobbing and others just looked stunned. At that moment I recognized that I had felt this feeling before in November of '63 when Dale Lakey announced over the speaker system that JFK was dead. We were in Mr. Putnam's biology class. They let us all out of school, so I just wandered home to an empty house and to a changed world. I suppose it wasn't so odd, yet it was coincidental, that my employer, the Federal government, announced that work was cancelled that day. So I wandered back home to an empty house (except for our cats, Fleabag and Trotsky) and to a changed world. Speaking of a changed world, when we lived in Marysville, Washington, some kid shot and killed 4 other kids and himself at Marysville High School. We have lived for only a year and a half in Spokane Valley and this week a kid at Freeman High School just south of here shot 4 kids killing one. Remember in our day and age when there were no school shootings? I read in the paper this morning (Yes I still enjoy reading the newspaper) that there have been over 200 school shootings in this country. Really? Sorry to go on about such things. Fall arrived here with a Thud! The temperature went from the 90's and 70 days without rain to the 60's and drizzle. Time to put away the outdoor stuff. Q. What's Irish and sits out in the rain. A. Patty O'Furniture.

09/18/17 05:58 AM #5443    

Janice Bell (Killian) (1966)

Re Peggy's Kitchen: When I was young, my dad worked at Track on East Beamer. It was a real treat to pick him up at work and go to Peggy's for dinner.

09/18/17 05:58 AM #5444    

Janice Bell (Killian) (1966)

Oops, not track, Graco. Autocorrect strikes again.

09/18/17 08:12 AM #5445    

Robert Cowing (1965)


   2017  -  Cathy Jean Kingham was born and raised in Boston, MA, where she was trained in the classics at Girls' Latin School. Just prior to commencing training to become a registered nurse at New England Baptist Hospital, she met Ron Kingham at a summer camp in upstate New York.

Thus began a lifelong partnership that flourished for 48 years until her death in her home in Oroville, CA. Her nursing career reached its zenith during her 20-year stint on the psychiatric unit of Woodland Memorial Hospital. Ron and she were married in 1969, Ron passtored in Woodland for a 25-year tenure as the founding pastor of Woodland Bible Church in Woodland.

When Ron finished his tenure as pastor-teacher of Woodland Bible Church, they moved to Oroville. They purchased acreage in the foothills and developed it into a retreat-like venue to share with family and friends. "Stonehaven" became the happy place where she lived out her last days.

Cancer entered her body in 2009, but it was never able to get the upper hand until the last two months of her life. Cathy is survived by her husband Ron; daughter, Bethany McKinley (Mark) of San Clemente; sons, Nathan Kingham (Elisa) of Sacramento, Jonathan Kingham (Heather) of Nashville, TN, Andrew Kingham (Jamie) of Seattle, WA, Peter Kingham (Collette) of Yosemite, CA; brothers, John Campbell of South Boston, MA, David Campbell (Gail) of Oxford, MA; sisters, Linda Oldro of Plymouth, MA, Lisa Hoy (Mike) of Taunton, MA; brother, Scott Campbell of Taunton, MA, and eight grandchildren.

A celebration of Cathy's life will be held Friday, Oct. 6, at 11 a.m., at Oroville Church of the Nazarene, 2238 Monte Vista Ave., Oroville. Her earthly remains will be scattered by her children over her beloved Stonehaven. Arrangements are entrusted to Ramsey Funeral Home 530-534-3877.        Published in Daily Democrat on Sept. 17, 2017, for complete an unedited obituary.

09/18/17 09:19 AM #5446    

Robert Cowing (1965)

   Wendell Ashley Payne -   June 29, 1935 - Sept. 13, 2017

Ashley died in Woodland  at the age of 82. Ashley was born in Oakland on June 29, 1935, to Elizabeth and Wendell Payne. He graduated from Woodland High School in 1953 and earned his Bachelor's degree in Ag Business from UC Berkeley in 1957. He was proud of his pioneering family, the Chapman's of Winters and his grandfather P. N. Ashley, a civil engineer and school teacher who came from Tennessee and surveyed most of Yolo County.

Following college, Ashley served in the Navy before beginning his lifelong agricultural career. He started with partner Howard Wilder prior to farming on his own and, eventually, partnering with his sons, Bill and Bob. Ashley served on numerous boards including the California Tomato Association, Pacific Coast Producers and Sutter Mutual Water Company. He was also a member of the Yolo Polo Club, Yolo Investors and Yolo Fliers Club. 

Ashley was preceded in death by his parents and first wife, Barbara Best Payne. He is survived by his wife of 24 years, Kathy Payne; daughter, Brenda Cooley; sons, Bill (Julie) and Bob (Sally) Payne; grandchildren, Bridget and Sean Cooley, Ryan, Taylor, Lauren and Tommy Payne; stepdaughters, Jennifer (Tim) Madden and Stephanie (Neil) Ramos, and grandchildren, Collette and John Madden and Owen and Kate Ramos. He is also survived by brother, William Payne; two nieces, Carol (John) Hallissy and Allison (Randy) Smith, as well as loyal companion Dolly, his Fox Red English Lab. Ashley will be buried privately in Woodland's St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery, sharing a plot with his parents and grandparents, P.N. and Mamie Ashley. A celebration of life is scheduled for 1 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 24, at the Yolo Fliers Club. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Ashley's name to Ducks Unlimited, Woodland Memorial Hospital Foundation.               

Published in Daily Democrat on Sept. 15, 2017

09/18/17 12:19 PM #5447    

Janet Long (Levers) (1966)

Joel, I had not remembered that you were in Mr. Putnam's biology class the morning of Mr. Lackys' announcement, but I was sitting at a table right in front with three other girls. One of them started to cry, but the rest of us were frozen. One of the few moments about my four years at WHS that is crystal clear.....

09/18/17 12:22 PM #5448    

Duane Jackson (1965)

This for Glenda Smith (Stone) 1968...Your father was the one who taught me how to type, or as it's called today "Keyboard" in 1963.  He moved me from one side of the typing class to the other next to a young lady that later became my girlfriend and then wife, and we are still together........I don't know if he ever knew that....

09/18/17 05:56 PM #5449    

Craig Mayfield (1966)

What a nice response, Duane...Ah, positioning...ain't it Grand...and Joel...A Leprechaun...guardin' his Gold... come hell or high water

09/18/17 06:26 PM #5450    

John Michael Somero (1967)

Another one for Glenda Smith:  If your father was Loren Smith, if my memory serves me correctly for the first name, he also taught me typing, but more than that, again, if my memory is serving me correctly, he was active in kayaking and white-water rafting on the American River and others.  I joined someone, and I'm 99 percent sure it was him, kayaking Cache Creek in flood stage, and rafting the American River as guides for folks that wanted to try it.  Am I correct?  Wow, that's been a long time ago!

09/18/17 08:23 PM #5451    

Steve Takimoto (1966)

Glenda Smith:  I don't recall knowing you in high school, but I recall meeting you later.  I was in Loren Smith's Salesmanship class.  He later trained and employed me as a white-water river guide.  I was with Loren and Mickey on several runs down the Stanislaus, Rogue (Oregon), Selway and Salmon (Idaho) rivers.  I often wondered what became of Loren, Helen and you.

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