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11/13/17 12:47 PM #5700    

Robert Cowing (1965)

To Jim and Duane - Changes you suggested were made. Thank you for informing me.

Also, Howard Gastineau, Class of 1964, was added.  Thanks to Betty Ciemny Gastineau.

To Charlotte and Joel - changes made, thanks!

To Connie Waldeck Beard - changes made for her brothers Gary (1961) and Steve (1965). Thanks!


11/13/17 12:52 PM #5701    

Greg Kareofelas (1962)

Hi Elvis

I should have posted that Dad is perched on a FOLKE-WULF 190 (I think?) German fighter that was at the Berlin Airport shot up during the fall of Germany - Dad, who was stationed there got to go thru all the broken planes, he brought back many souvenirs of those planes and lots of pix

11/13/17 03:49 PM #5702    

Betty Ciemny (Gastineau) (1964)

Thanks, Robert.

11/13/17 06:11 PM #5703    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Thank you all for the memory of all the Veterans, past and present.  May we pray that a war is not within our future for us.   Great memories posted to this day.     

11/14/17 08:47 AM #5704    


John Eaton (1964)

Greg, the airplane is a Focke Wulf Fw-190, most likely an Fw-190 A but possibly an Fw-190 F.


11/14/17 09:53 AM #5705    

Joel Childers (1966)

Before Veterans Day slips away, I want to say God bless my old friend Mike Miller and everyone else who put their ____ on the line in Viet Nam. After receiving a low draft number, I enlisted and served in the U.S Navy with the singular intention of avoiding the infantry. Due to some fortuitous health issues at the time, I never left San Diego and spent my days as an office clerk. My older brother David Childers should be added to the list of veterans (65-66'). He saw Viet Nam from the deck of the troop transport, USS Renville. The only time I set foot on a ship was when they pulled into port and I dropped by for a visit with Dave. Ah, the twists and turns of life. One can "go with the flow" or "keep running against the wind." I'm not sure it makes any difference in the end. 

11/14/17 10:46 AM #5706    

Duane Jackson (1965)

Thank you Robert Cowing for the correction of my service....

11/14/17 05:03 PM #5707    


Charlotte Apodaca (Lucero) (1961)

Just a note:  Richard Lucero was stationed in Vietnam 

11/15/17 10:43 AM #5708    

Greg Kareofelas (1962)

Hi John

Thanks for the confirmation, I had thought that is what dad told me the plane was

cheers, greg

11/16/17 09:02 AM #5709    


Theresa Eve (1964)

John Eaton:  Love the pictures of the World War II Planes.  Those Airforce pilots had no heaters or any comforts in those planes, as they flew overseas.  I watched a Channel 6 special on those men.  Nothing like the planes today.   Just amazing they were able to do their duties.  

11/17/17 06:39 PM #5710    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

Oh,... tho,...  the one day, or so,... to talk about this has past...War is Hell...and the Heroes caught up in it...never wanting to go...that became heroes...all that were in Fire not ever of their choosing...and those that said here I am...I'll Go...I want to Go...know one like that...went again...and was a Mayor...Thank you Again...

11/18/17 09:09 AM #5711    

Monte McCray (1966)

Hey Craig,Who died and made you cotroller of the daly discussion topic? SHUT UP!

11/18/17 10:01 AM #5712    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

LOL...There's Ol' Monte...Betcha you're a Judge "Cowboy Roy" supporter...still the same

11/20/17 11:33 AM #5713    

Jim Moore (1963)

I agree Monte

11/20/17 02:28 PM #5714    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

Hmmm...maybe that old hypocrite perv will get a Senate seat...

11/20/17 05:43 PM #5715    


Paul Schattauer (1961)

I do not know whether these creeps and pervs are guilty but I believe they are.  We have known people who like themselves so much that they have no idea how many people don't agree  and that their actions are unwanted and offensive.  Abuse of subordinates should be punished; force or violence should be prosecuted. The human condition will remain but we can be better.  Monte, Craig has been asked by many posters to ease up on the pointless posts and the political attacks. He refuses. He seems to like the conflict.  All of us have a point of view, none of us have the moral high ground..  Especially Craig and I. 

11/20/17 06:01 PM #5716    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

You and I agree Paul...the First Stone thing...but...there is the political "Here and Now"...Why is this "Now" relevent?...One Guess

11/20/17 09:53 PM #5717    


Paul Schattauer (1961)

Nothing is  "here and now". Politics is as always fluid and not very transparent.  It is raining shoes and dissapointment and hope are everywhere.  As a distraction Angela is not having a good day.  We shouldn't choose up sides here as it is much to partisan and too complicated.  Just a note, I was in Woodland last week with my wife on our way to Tahoe where we we were married 41 years ago.  Had dinner with a classmate and his wife at Kitchen 428.  A truely grand evening.  My great grandmother lived in that building in the 50s.  Woodland looked great, even better than I remember.  Collede is a 2 way street again :).  Tahoe was beautiful, we took a photo tour and recorded lots of memories.  Harrah's where we spent our wedding night was still very nice but kinda reminded me of that old country song by Tanya Tucker "Delta Dawn"......juat a faded rose of days gone by......

11/21/17 07:34 AM #5718    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

Well...Nice...Not just half full...Looking through a "full glass"...Always better

11/21/17 09:35 AM #5719    

Monte McCray (1966)

I see there are two members of this forum that have a god complex! When are you two going to pick up where jim jones left off?

11/21/17 10:18 AM #5720    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

And so endeth another McCray critique...altho broadened...still a One Trick Pony

11/21/17 03:26 PM #5721    


Bev Hukill (Nunes) (1969)

Never met you, Craig, but please go radio silent.

11/21/17 05:36 PM #5722    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

Never met you either...Post away bout' anything Bev...big space here...You work with/for the Blind? Good for you....

11/21/17 06:08 PM #5723    


Craig Mayfield (1966)

And I so many words mebe not clear...good Post, nice times...and, still living here, tho these many anos...saw where that restaurant is... Yesterday...We will definitely check it out...right near the Old La Villa, if i remember days of Yore...Woodland is getting back a "personality"...Say it again...Glad You All had a good one

11/21/17 10:42 PM #5724    

Don Murdoch (1962)

I liken this forum to my favorite car in college, a  deep blue 1957 Ford Fairlane that I bought from Charlie Kelley.  The car had only one problem.  It had an annoying squeak in the dash.  Never did get rid of that squeak. Sound familiar?    Hmmm!   

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