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03/27/20 10:09 AM #7370    

Miguel Michel (1966)

Regarding the post by Janet Long. 

That is very thoughtful of you to think about the farm workers. Unfortunately most people take them for granted. 

03/28/20 09:37 AM #7371    

Tuni Gravink (House) (1964)

Living in Arizona many snowbirds say :AZ. is the safest place to live because of the heat. The virus will be burnt out. Cant survive. Well on the articles i have read : it mutates very fast. Surprise after surprise. I too, have friends here that work in the Hospital here in Apache Junction, but also other hospitals around the valley, and they say it is crazy. Contstantly changes hospital protocols and proceedures, and the work load has doubled, and sometimes trippled. We have only had 30 cases in our county but other areas are increasing daily. What it has shown not only me, but my hospital employed friends is; not all people practice good hygene. Wash your hands does not always come true. I am driving every one crazy, at our dog training facility,because we are constantly bleaching, and sanitizing cielling down on our structures, and hand bleaching every thing else.We even bleach the ground! When the clients go into their training rings they put their hands out, we squirt the hand sanitizer on them and say: try to figure out how are you going to man the leash that accompanies your dog, and rub your hands and sanitize them. Actually it is a easy task to do, but when they are not always or havent done it before a challenge. Simple, double the leash up , drape it over your dog who is on a stand stay, do your hands and resume duty with your dog. Many of our clients have disabilities that go along with comprimised immune systems, that is why i go over board on the bleaching, i understand the dynamics of the immunne system, and many of our clients are seniors. Our town doubles in size from Oct.-April, snowbirds land. Coming from cold winter states and Canada. They have left early this year. Our streets are bare, and we locals can get around really quite nicely. But our small businesses are hurting, like other states are also. The restruraunts have gotten quite clever to survive, take out and deliver of food and beverage. Many of us locals that live here all year around are trying to be as supportive as we can for them. Walmart  is also crazy. We were told to go to the cheese wall, and we said we were there to buy the ingreidients, to make our dog food for our dogs. They said cheese wall, we replied we do not need cheese, go....... we did only to see toilet paper flying out their warehouse (on grounds) door,  and six packs of toilet paper flying into carts. I said basketball wanna bees. We said we do not need toilet paper, and the reply was as the toilet paper landed in our cart, you are getting it.  We are on shut down at our training facility per the Gov. and it is indefinately. So that being said, our town is semi ghost town appearance and rumor has it, we are probably going to go on mandatory lockdown. But we make our own sanitizer (hand) and i make soap,, and if one has ever camped you can be very inventive for toilet paper, if you absoloutely had to, and had no other alternative.  So, stay healthy and be safe. Tuni Gravink-House

03/28/20 05:01 PM #7372    

Ron Moore (1965)

tuni i wondered were you went after high school your cus


03/28/20 07:00 PM #7373    


Virginia Roath (Atkeison) (1966)

To those of you who knew our classmate, Tom Ohl. (1966)  He passed away peacefully on Thursday (3/26).  He is survived by his wife Janice, a son and daughter and 8 grandchildren.  He retired from John Hancock and moved to Sun City West, AZ. and enjoyed many trips with Janice traveling in their "airstream" with the RV club.  I have many great memories of him and his family through the years, to remember him by.  He will be missed by me, his family and friends.  Rest in peace my friend.

03/28/20 09:48 PM #7374    


Vern Larson (1960)

Thank you Virginia for informing the former friends and classmates of Tom Ohl of his recent passing. I would also like to enclude his 1966 graduation photo for all to take a moment to renew any memories they may have of him. 

                         RIP TOM L. OHL 

03/29/20 03:42 AM #7375    


Tom Stewart (1969)

Our country is on total lockdown.  It is illegal to leave your home except for medical needs, to buy food, or to take a walk within 2 kilometers of your house.  All non-essential businesses are closed.  All hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, shops, etc.  Only pharmacies and grocery stores are open.  No one is allowed to visit anyone.  All the churches are closed also.  I am attaching some photos taken yesterday of the "diamond", downtown Donegal Town on Saturday afternoon.



03/29/20 06:11 AM #7376    


Mike Miller (1966)

Thanks Virginia for informing us about Tom. I have looked for him for many years, but to no avail. I just assumed that he had passed away long ago. He was a good friend and will be missed. I am glad to hear that he had a good life and family. 

03/29/20 10:39 AM #7377    

Larry Polete (Polete) (1964)

Tom Stewart. Donegal Town that's in Ireland, right?  Is that where you live?

03/29/20 01:43 PM #7378    


Tom Stewart (1969)

Larry Polete....yes I live in Ireland. Are you Loren's brother.  His name is so familiar to me and I have heard so many colorful stories with him included from men like Doug Bera, Jim Clayton, Charlie Bowman, and Loren Cook.  You guys had some great adventures years ago.

03/30/20 08:43 AM #7379    

Larry Polete (Polete) (1964)

Yes Tom,  I'm Loran's older brother. Class of 64. I played a lot of football,  basketball, and was on the track team.  My wife and I was just there in Ireland last year.  Started at the North end and finished on the Sourth end (Cork). That was my second time being in Ireland. The first time was in 2005. I had won an all expence paid golf trip for 10 days. Mainly stayed in Killarney but played at 6 different golf courses in an hours drive of the area. I'm a Vietnam Veteran and pride of it.  Was stationed in Pleiku up in the central highlands. (Oct 1966 - Oct. 1967) I now live in Banning, CA at the Sun Lakes Country Club. Still playing a lot golf.  It was great to hear back from you and looking forward to someday to getting back to Ireland and Scotland.  I will say Hello for you to Loran.  Stay safe & health.  And May God Bless us all during this time of crisis.

03/30/20 09:41 AM #7380    


Gary Wegener (1966)

Here is a sobering website maintained by John Hopkins University.  Hard stats on covid 19.  The numbers on the news leave my head spinning, but this allows more thoughtful absorption.    China's handling of this seems to have gone well.  They may come out as the world's economic powerhouse with the least damage to their economy.  Makes a good argument for staying at home.

Here's the link. 

Batten down the hatches and stand by for heavy rolls as we ride this out.

03/30/20 09:50 AM #7381    


Virginia Roath (Atkeison) (1966)

Thank you Vern, for posting Tom Ohl's picture. That smile and his upbeat personality never changed thru the years.

03/30/20 09:54 AM #7382    


Gail Smith (Maxwell) (1964)

Thanks Gary for posting that site from John Hopkins.  It was a very comprehensive and easy to follow chart of what is going on in the world.

03/30/20 12:31 PM #7383    


Jim Barger (1963)

Here is my Downloaded Class of 1963 Class Photo taken in front of the Old Woodland High School Main Building

03/31/20 12:35 PM #7384    


Miguel Luna (1968)

I know that many of our neighbors fall into the categories below who show up to work daily to make our lives a little normal in these trying times. Let's thank them for all they do for us.
Thank you to the medical professionals, grocery store employees, delivery drivers, truckers, pharmacy workers, mail carriers, firefighters, police, nursing home employees, and everyone else who is working to save lives and keep us all going right now. 
Thanks. We love you. Stay safe and healthy. 

03/31/20 04:21 PM #7385    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Yes, a big thank you to all those people you mentioned!!  They give so much.  May we all get through this difficult time and come out stronger in all ways.  Many economical issues need to be resolved, along with the major health issues we face.  We have taken steps back in time.   

04/01/20 12:17 PM #7386    

Pam Wohlfrom (Johnson) (1969)

I have such sweet memories of Tom Ohl. Such a Gentle Giant and a great smile. 
he told us about have wheelchair raises in the hallways when he was in the hospital with polio. 

 I remember when I think I was a Freshman and Tom a Senior. We were in the church fellowship hall up on the “stage” area for some reason. He got down on the floor and told me to sit on his back and shoulders. He then proceeded to do push ups!  I was probably at 100-110#.  He was also in the FFA and raised a beef animal. During the fair he slept in the barn with his “friend” and cried when it was sold.   RIP dear Tom.

04/01/20 12:34 PM #7387    

Pam Wohlfrom (Johnson) (1969)

auto correct is not my friend!! .. Having Wheelchair Races!..  oy 

Today Don and I went to the new "Senior Hour" at COSTCO.  What a pleasure!

We attempted to do so yesterday on the first day but drove around the parking lot which was not quite full and saw the line clear down the full length of the building so left. 

Today, we were able to walk right up. Monitor at the "corridor" of carts and at the door. We figured only 50-75 total in the store during our shopping. Everyone was polite and care not to get too close in the aisles. Only a couple of our listed items were not available but the tags were still on the racks. Got in about 8:15 and out well before 9 when the general public started arriving.  
  And yes the plexiglass shields are up at the registers and the unload and load the carts so you don't touch the belt etc. Also a shield at the door for the verification checker.  
so, big thanks to COSTCO and all those still in other essential locations. 


04/03/20 10:56 AM #7388    


Gary Wegener (1966)

This should take your mind off the virus and transform you into the world of wonder...

04/04/20 09:17 AM #7389    

Greg Kareofelas (1962)

Thanks Gary, for a fun post :-)

04/04/20 11:08 AM #7390    

Larry Polete (Polete) (1964)

Thanks Gary,   We just got back from traveling the world in about 15 minutes with out leaving the comfort of our home. And it was a terrific trip and in some cases being at those same locations ourself on prior travels.

04/04/20 12:15 PM #7391    


Joel Childers (1966)

What? Still no toilet paper at our Fred Meyer Superstore yesterday? I read a different take on this besides people hoarding. It makes sense that people are no longer "going" at the office or work site or restaurants or any other public places, but that people are doing all of their "going" at home. I guess that makes sense. So I bought one of the last three 5-packs of kleenex boxes. I thought they stepped up production of TP. Whatever. This too shall pass. Pun intended.

The crocus and hyacinth are finally coming up. The sun is shining. Easter is coming. As we baseball fans like to say "Hope Springs eternal." Keep the faith. 

04/06/20 10:14 AM #7392    


Gary Wegener (1966)

Hey classmates: here is a chance to make a meaningful difference in the covid 19 situation.  I received the below email as a member of Woodland Rotary, inviting Rotarians, family and friends to consider volunteering to be part of a million volunteer surge to help health care workers.  Please look it over; some of us are in the "need assistance" side of the equation and some in the "interested in assisting" side, so there is something coming for everybody.  I am signed up for the TeleHealth worker training for April 8th; hope to see some of you "in class".  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions (although at this stage, this is all the info I have).  It is all voluntary, no obligation if you get into it and it doesn't seem to fit for you...  And it covid 19 suddenly disappears, this will be good training for the next such situation.

Gary Wegener, 530 908 4914;


To All Rotarians in District 5160 -

I have an exceptional and extraordinary request of you, and all members in our district, to join the fight against COVID19. What if there was a way to help, from the safety of our homes, and make a real difference?

Our district is one of two districts leading in an extraordinary new effort, and your immediate participation is critical to its success. This program will be announced via a press release today (CNN, NYT, and other major coverage), and will be adopted by Rotary Clubs across the nation in the next few days.

The background is this: Two weeks ago, Rotarians in a local club engaged Rotary International to recruit 1 million volunteers in two weeks to sign up with Volunteer Surge, a new program that allows us to train online, for free, to become a Telehealth Worker, or a Community Health Worker. These volunteers will provide basic assistance, and will reduce suffering and save lives, locally and across the nation. How? By helping our health care providers to focus more of their attention where it is most needed.


Please click HERE  to learn more and decide how you, your friends, and family can participate. And share this link with others on Facebook, email, and other social media.

The world is watching, and we, as Rotarians, people of action, are now truly defined by our actions in this crisis.

With appreciation and thanks,


Tina Akins

District Governor 2019-2020
Rotary International District 5160



04/06/20 09:05 PM #7393    


Gary Wegener (1966)

Just found Yolo County Department of Health "dashboard" on the covid virus.

04/06/20 09:37 PM #7394    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Happy April - Just put on that 50s music and dance!!  I have Etta James on her best!!   "At Last" and  Don't Cry".  You have to move on these!!!  Magical!!!   Just enjoy what is around the house, "Trust in Me".  

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