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06/12/20 12:07 AM #7464    


Richard Scott (1965)

Hello WHS colleagues: this is Richard Scott, 1965 WHS graduate. I regularly read your comments but I have never yet contributed. I am retired, 73 yers old, and live in Portland OR. Today was unusual as for the past several days I have been reading though my WHS Ilex bookks and thinking about years ago, the mid 1960s. Today I just finished looking at my 1965 Ilex and found the invitation for the WHS graduation, which was 11 JUN 1965, fifty-five years ago today. So I though it appropriate for me to correspond.

I was very amused and touched by the many who wrote comments in my books. I have lost contact with most of my WHS friends, indeed both my college roommates William Andersen and Charles Potter have passed. But I have still kept in touch with Michael Matson since we were both at WHS and UOP.

After graduation from WHS I entered the Conservatory of Music at University of the Pacific in Stockton CA and graduated in 1969. Afterwards I enlisted in the USArmy as pianist (30 JUN 1969), and after basic training went to the Military Music School at the Naval Amphibious Base in Norfolk VA for five months and was then stationed at the 21st Army Band at Ft. Lewis WA for the remainder of my service.

After degress in music performance from the University of WA, Seattle and University of WI-Madison, I secured a performing/teaching/administrative position at Murray State University KY that I held for twenty-eight years. I now find myself in a volunteer position as pianist for the Providence St. Vincent Medical Center Pastoral Services in the Art, Healing and Wellness Program. Unfortunately services have been temporarily discontinued because of the COVID-19 virus.

I'm writing because of several anniversaries: 1) WHS graduation on 11 JUN 1965, 2) my  graduation from University of the Pacific on 08 JUN 1969, and 3) my mother's death at 93 on 13 JUN 1995. I also have a significant anniversary from 06 JUN 2018: that date is now two years from my diagnosis and surgery of stage IV metastatic melanoma here at Postland Providence Medical Center.

I had my surgery in JUN, a month of radiation in AUG, and a year of immunotherapy beginning in OCT 2018. Since then I have three month CT scans and check-ups with my surgeon and dermatologist. So far results have been good. Waiting for results is taxing.

I live here in Portland with Alberto Rafols, my partner now of over forty-seven years. We met at the School of Music, Univeristy of WA in 1972 working on our respective piano performance degrees after my military service and his Fullbright Scholarship in Spain with Alicia de Larrocha. He is Cuban/Catalan and I am Croation/Irish; it's difficult but somehow we have made it work.

My message to you is take care of yourself and your family (especially now), be considerate/understanding of others, and enjoy the small daily celebrations of life. As we age, the future is less, the present is now, and the past is larger in our thoughts. If any of you remember my mother Dorothy, she could never say no to anyone. She always offered the random act of kindness. I've tried to learn from her and do the same. Best, stay well, take care. RJS

06/12/20 05:22 AM #7465    

Janice Bell (Killian) (1966)

Richard Scott. Sounds like a great life. So glad you are doing well regarding melanoma.

06/12/20 07:30 AM #7466    


Fred Parker (1966)

Richard,, I can remember how impressive your musical talents were 60 years ago.,., wonderful story how you could do what you love and love what you do for so long.,., your piano playing must certainly be magical now!! Do we admirerers have any means by which we could access some of that beauty today?


06/12/20 09:50 AM #7467    

Dee (Marilee) Damsen (Kindelt) (1965)

Great update Richard!  A few years back for the pictureheart  I was just wondering if all of our 65 classmates did a forum update as to what we all are doing and where we are now living since we were unable to do a 55 reunion - will be interesting to see what kind of response we get????


06/12/20 12:03 PM #7468    

Robert Millsap (1964)

Richard, thanks for your post. Although we were not in the same class, I remember you and your musical talent. You have certainly fulfilled the promise that was so clear so many years ago. I mainly wanted to thank you for writing such an interesting account of much of your life since High School. I enjoy reading about what happened to the people I remember from High School. Good, bad or indifferent I think lives shared are welcomed by everyone, and I wish more would be as informative as you. I remember you lived just south of town on Hwy 113. Last I looked, the house is still there. Lot of water under the bridge since those days and it sounds like you've led a happy and fulfilling life. I hope this finds you still in good health after your diagnosis and will be thinking of you. Best wishes.

06/12/20 01:17 PM #7469    

Janet Long (Levers) (1966)

Hi Richard; I too was glad to see your post/update-and the picture was great, too: such good looking youth! My main memory of you is at the 4-H talent events, where you were a walk-away for the gold medal. I knew you were really talented, especially compared to me and my wasted years of piano lessons, but i think you also subconsciously planted a strong love of great piano playing in me, because it's my favorite thing to listen to, for sure. Just a random question: Do you have any insight on how the two turkey growers-in the whole county, as far as I know-were both located right in the same area? Best wishes to you, 'Jan' Long Levers

06/12/20 02:33 PM #7470    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Richard, enjoyed your write up on your life.  Do hope your health remains good after all your treatments.  The picture you posted is so as I remember each one of those Woodland High School leaders.  Just great memories popped up with that wonderful picture.  Thank you for your life history and to share the great picture.  


06/12/20 04:42 PM #7471    


Carol Dunton (Stone)



Hi Richard.  It's Carol Dunton Stone.  I lived next door to Aunt Olive on Eunice Drive.  I do remember your mom. and you and Gary. I think Gary and I were closer than you and I because you were older and back then age made a big difference, but now there is no difference in age. Funny how that works.   Good to hear from you.  I too have continued in music. At this time,  my husband and I are a duo and he plays guitar - we do songs from the 50's, 60's and early 70's.  We stayed plenty busy before this Covid thing but no gigs lately.   We have a house in Roseburg OR and we do have a couple gigs up there outdoors at the end of June and also at the end of July.  

Have you seen Aunt Olive's  house in recent years? They've totally changed it. I know because I 'stalk' Eunice Dr. every now and then 🥰




06/20/20 07:48 PM #7472    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Happy Father's Day to all those Fathers present and passed.  I am still going through pictures and found a picture of Dad's 1950 Chevy he so loved, and the new Chevy he bought to replace her, we called the old car Bell and she was charming.  My sister JoAnne is standing in front of the Bell.  Looks like he liked yellow in cars.  

06/21/20 08:49 AM #7473    

Greg Kareofelas (1962)

Great Pic Theresa! The 1950 Hardtop was Chevy's first Hardtop and the first to have the name "Bel Air". The one I had, was bought by someone in Woodland who supposedly restored it. Maybe someone has seen it around town? If so, post a pic and I'll try to find a pic of mine and post it later today!

06/21/20 09:31 AM #7474    

Larry Polete (Polete) (1964)

The first car I had and bought was a 50 Chevy 2 door Deluxe. That was in 1961.  With the help of Mr. Hunter the auto shop teacher we rebuilt the engine as a class project.  Ran like a charm after that.  Sold it after a few years and then bought a 56 Chevy Bel Air, with a 289 hp engine.  Also had my 1930 Model A, if you remember me driving that around Woodland.  Great memories and fun times.

06/21/20 10:18 AM #7475    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Greg:  Dad tried to rebuild the engine, but did not have the tools or the cash.  He did not want to give that Chevy Bell away.  I still think of that lovely car; not another car has the charm and feel of that 1950 Chevy.  If I had the cash then I would have help Dad.  I remember when we had new seat covers installed, white and gray; what a smooth, cool look.  John Gorman told me later that he would have bought that Bell, if he knew Dad was selling  and restored it!!!! Boy I would have loved that, so would Dad. (Oh, to wish back on those days.)   

06/21/20 01:39 PM #7476    


Jim Barger (1963)

Here is my Fathers Day Post

06/21/20 01:40 PM #7477    


Jim Barger (1963)

Here is my Fathers Day Post with My Brother Tom, Myself, and Mom and Dad


06/21/20 05:14 PM #7478    


Richard Scott (1965)

Hello all: thanks for your responses to my 11 JUN 2020 posting. I'm working on individual responses. Jim Barger: thanks for your Father's Day family posting. Here's mine: a mid-1940's photo of my mother Dorothy, father Jim, grandmother Atha and grandfather Jim Scott in front of their old house at Route 3 Box 237 (now East Street), one mile south of town. They had a dairy and turkey farm just down the road from Branigan Turkey Farm until my grandfther passed in 1979. Happy Father's Day everyone. Richard Scott


06/21/20 05:27 PM #7479    


Virginia Roath (Atkeison) (1966)

To those who knew Gail Smith (Maxwell) (1964)...She passed away on 5/30 after a 3 year fight to beat colon cancer.  She and her husband, Dave, moved to Foresthill, CA in 2007 from the Santa Clara area.  She made many friends here in Foresthill and will be greatly missed.

06/21/20 08:50 PM #7480    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Virgina:  Thank you for the news.  I wrote to Gail often, and thought so highly of her.  Enjoyed her comments on the Forum.  Bless her in Heaven.  She shared some good memories of her mother working as a Secretary out of the Hotel Woodland; where she would walk to get a ride home.  

06/22/20 09:26 AM #7481    


Gary Wegener (1966)

Had to add a piicture of my dad, Bud Wegener, blowing out 85 candles on his birthday cake...

06/22/20 10:10 AM #7482    


Donald Daily (1961)


Oh my gosh, as soon as I saw Bell I knew whose car it was. Your dad drove it to Cacheville school every day.

06/22/20 01:09 PM #7483    

Aileen Jull (Martinez) (1964)

Thanks Virginia for the news about Gail Smith's passing.  So sorry to hear it.  We were great friends in high school.  Her mother was close friends with my Aunt Norma "Fritzy" Sharp and every time my aunt came to Woodland she would always visit Gail's Mom.  God be with her and give her peace.  Aileen Martinez '64

06/23/20 01:56 AM #7484    


Vern Larson (1960)

Gary - Congratulations to your dad on his 85th birthday! I hope you had a fire extinguisher close by! That flame on the cake is impressive! I am now at the age where most of my friends are up in years as well. It has given me the inspiration to make sure I bring lots of candles to any birthdays I attend. Thank you Gary for all you and others do to make this wonderful website what it has become.                                                                                        GO WOLVES!



06/23/20 01:55 PM #7485    


Gary Wegener (1966)

The trick is to use a blow torch (with the little propane  (?) bottle) to light the candles.

06/23/20 05:57 PM #7486    

Buni Murphy (Panick) (1964)

So sorry to hear about Gail Smith. It was always fun to reconnect with her at the reunions.

May she rest in peace and her family hold their memories of her close to their heart.

06/23/20 09:38 PM #7487    


Vern Larson (1960)

Thank you Virginia for letting us all know of Gail Smith Maxwell's (1964), recent passing. And thank you also Theresa, Aileen, and Buni, for your kind remarks. Any other comments or memories are welcome. When an obituary is made available if you could email it to Gary Wegener (1966) so he can post it in the "In Memory" section, it would be appreciated. R.I.P. GAIL


06/24/20 12:26 PM #7488    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Gail:  Just as pretty as ever, as I remember you.  Lovely.  

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