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07/16/17 12:41 PM #5136    


Vern Larson (1960)

Good one Jenny!...I'll be thinking of you and your story whenever I lift up the hood of my car to check out my "injun".  If anybody knows Ron Vise's whereabouts, he would probably appreciate hearing Jenny's story.  Don't ever let time stand in the way of a good story or practical joke.

07/16/17 01:43 PM #5137    

Jenny Johnson (Norman) (1966)

Thanks, Vern. You're very kind.  I hope others will share as well.

07/17/17 04:15 AM #5138    

John Michael Somero (1967)

Jenny, that is a well-written post.  I was going to respond that you sound wise beyond your years, but I guess for most of us, our years have caught up with our wisdom.  Note, I say most of us...

07/17/17 04:42 AM #5139    

Jenny Johnson (Norman) (1966)

Thank you John Michael Somero.  Not sure about "wise" but I feel "beyond my years" quite often. frown  That was a super post you wrote about Bob Sternes a few pages back (#4878).  I wanted to ask you if you knew my dad?  Fred ("Speed" or "Whitey") Johnson?  He was a flight instructor (including ground school) and taught a lot of people in the area to fly.  

07/17/17 10:59 AM #5140    


Gary Wegener (1966)

Where is Ron Vise?   He isn't a member of the website.  Need an apb out.

07/17/17 11:34 AM #5141    

Tom Barger (1965)

I have a memory that pops up every time I see Jenny johnsons name.
I was driving my dad's Olds 88 (a big Boat of a car) and I saw Jenny parked in her dad's Ranchero. She and my cousin, Dave Ferns, had been hanging out a lot and I must have had something really important to say; so I pulled in beside the ranchero. When I took off I was in a hurry, so I didn't notice that the wheels were turned and. My dad's car smashed into the side of her Ranchero. As I recall, her dad fixed that and let me off easy. Not much damage to the Olds.


07/17/17 12:45 PM #5142    

Jenny Johnson (Norman) (1966)

Hi Tom!  No kidding?  I don't remember that occasion, nor any repercussions from it at all.  For ALL the damage I, myself, did to my Dad's Ranchero, my Dad probably figured whatever your Dad's Olds did was minor!  

07/17/17 06:36 PM #5143    

Janet Long (Levers) (1966)

Okay, so the only "pranks" I was involved in also involved the police, and I don't care to expand on them, but I thought I'd record for posterity a prank pulled before 'our time', ie., 60's decade, since all the participants are gone now. Jim Croll, who passed away earlier this year, clarified this at a Zamora School reunion a few years back- and said he didn't do it. Picture one of the OLD school buses that used to haul kids to and from the outlying locations: sorta clunky. Well, two other guys of that era happened to bring a big stick on the bus one day, and after a student had been dropped off on a country back road, stuck the stick down through a hole in the floor of the bus. When the driver started to drive away, the stick caught on the pavement below, causing quite a noise, and a drag on the bus. So the driver got out, and went to the back of the bus to investigate, at which time one of the guys involved grabbed the wheel, and started driving away. Think what would happen to some kid who pulled that today! 

07/17/17 09:13 PM #5144    

Craig Mayfield (1966)

Yes...Peeps...good writin'...reminds me of the days of yore when people took the time to write creative letters...with thought, sincerity and style...make our teachers proud (and some still glance here from time to time, methinks)...not the dot dot dot (er, "elipses", Robert!)...the "what the hell's he sayin'" stream of conciousness...that Me and Dan (perhaps) are guilty the same, perhaps, but the way I must write briefs...for those demanding defense attorneys and Judges (minus the dots!)...but, here, more poetic--real-- I've seen....Whatever way you want to articulate memories, your take on current events...or even describing the awe and beauty of your backyard at Sunrise or Sunset...I'll read

07/19/17 05:38 AM #5145    

John Michael Somero (1967)


I don't recall having known your father.  I got married in 1974 and moved away from Woodland in 1976.  In between high school and moving, I worked for Springlake Fire Dept. while learning  to fly, and then taught flying at Woodland-Watts airport when I did teach there in Woodland.  I really only remember two flight instructors; mine, Andy Anderson, and Art Allen.  So I would have been flying in Woodland between 1968, when I took my first lesson from Andy ($13/hr. for the airplane, a Cessna 150, and $6/hr for the instructor, and when I moved in 1976.

07/19/17 06:35 AM #5146    

Jenny Johnson (Norman) (1966)

John Michael Somero ~ Thanks for the info. My Dad also taught out of Watts but he passed away in '68. Sounds like you did some good flying for search & rescue!

Janet ~ I can only imagine what that poor bus driver must have been thinking as he ran after the bus!  Today the government would probably hire the kid and put him to work for them in some other country.

Vern ~have fun working on your "injun" (no offense intended). smiley

Gary ~ good luck on that abp.

Craig  ~ Joke?  Really?  Some of us just don't fit the mold.  (Joel)

07/19/17 02:27 PM #5147    

Craig Mayfield (1966)

Well, yeah...that's me in the back...holdin' on for dear Joel's skirt...

07/19/17 05:37 PM #5148    

Craig Mayfield (1966)

Jenny...always loved speed and the breeze in top off "motorcars"...and had my share of wrecks, I must admit, over these many years...some my fault--some not...just never got into bikes...If I did, I might not be here now...(least me in this time and space!)...Glad you enjoy/have enjoyed...the speed and breeze...glad we're still here

07/19/17 05:40 PM #5149    

Craig Mayfield (1966)

And I doubt you are...or have ever been...a "Hell's Angel"...or any of that ilk

07/19/17 06:23 PM #5150    

Craig Mayfield (1966)

And by the way, Jenny...not sure if you're a Jenny "come lately" here, or not, to this site, but...John Somero, as pilot, flew  Jackie Kennedy, including John John,... to a destination...back then...pretty big deal for any of us...musta' been sumthin'

07/20/17 06:30 AM #5151    

Jenny Johnson (Norman) (1966)

Really awesome!  Would love to hear more about that story!!  John Michael Somero . . . please?

07/20/17 01:14 PM #5152    

John Michael Somero (1967)

Well, Jenny, not that much to it, really.  When I left Woodland, I had been hired by an airline operating out of Grand Rapids, MN, Mesaba Airlines.  I was supposed to start training on a Monday, but while driving the Friday prior, I kept remembering the midwest winters, and finally called them and told them I wouldn't be there.  We then kept on trucking to Cape Cod, which was a vacation place for my wife as a child, who was raised just south of Boston.  I ended up taking a flying job with the local operator at the Hyannis airport, and one of our customers was Jackie (Onassis at the time; no longer a Kennedy).  She and her two kids, Johnny (maybe 12 years old at the time?) and Caroline, would hire us to fly them to Kennedy airport in New York whenever they were going somewhere from there.  After the first couple of times I flew them, I learned a few things.  Jackie was extremely thin; I had to help her with her seat belt one day, and wondered if it would ever get tight.  Also, she (actually they) never touched the catering we put on board for the trip, so I ended up always getting what my family liked, as I knew that's where it would end up when I got home.  I invited Johnny to come into the right seat on the first trip, and he did; however, all he did there was put his feet up on the instrument panel and read a book.  He wasn't at all communicative or interested in the flight.  After that, I never asked him again.  Upon reflecting on that, that was probably one of his earlier mistakes.  Not much else to tell; they were very quiet, and at the time basically another customer that helped put food on the table for my growing family.

07/20/17 01:17 PM #5153    

John Michael Somero (1967)

Now, if you ask me about Bob Smith, that would be another story.  Or, the ATF agent that was being followed.  Or, or... I think I could write a book!


07/20/17 07:29 PM #5154    

Craig Mayfield (1966)

American Pope Trump (being King is no big deal anymore)...if you are going to pardon all your cronies, etc., including yourself...pardon me too...for I have undoubtedly sinned...somewhere somehow...Thanks (in advance)

07/21/17 05:55 AM #5155    

Jenny Johnson (Norman) (1966)

JMS - Great share, thanks!  You were kind to a kid going through what must have been a hard life; so high profile & fatherless.  Don't stop now - who is Bob Smith (must be a bazillion of 'em) and what was up with the ATF agent?

07/21/17 10:01 PM #5156    


Joan Richter (Lucchesi) (1960)

Write the book and we will all read it! Thanks for your memories, I enjoyed them.

07/23/17 07:59 PM #5157    

Craig Mayfield (1966)

Limited questions...and not under Oath...At this point, do you Comrades know what a Crock that is? that "lawyer up " phrase..."Keepa yo mouth shut"...hee hee

07/25/17 08:40 AM #5158    

John Michael Somero (1967)

Ernie Conger messaged me to tell about a trip we made to the L.A. area, early in my flying days.  He mentioned a "red-headed navigator" and I thought he was talking about himself, although he didn't have red hair.  He then messaged me, that he meant my Irish Setter dog, which apparently he remembers that we took along, but I don't recall that.  What I DO recall is in this response I've copied from my original message back to him, which I thought was going on this forum...

That one is short, Ernie... I owned a partial share in a Piper Cherokee D 180, and Ernie and I decided to take it to LA one time when the ink was still wet on my new private pilot certificate. And when we got to the airport, one of the main navigation instruments had been taken out of the airplane for maintenance, but we figured we could handle it anyway. Neither of us had, to my knowledge, ever flown down that way before. I'm glad he's claiming the name of navigator, as the red-haired guy he's talking about was him, and our navigation was somewhat less than perfect. We were cleared to enter the traffic pattern at the Long Beach airport, and when I called on the downwind, the tower said he didn't have us in sight, and would we please call on the base leg of the pattern. We did, and again he didn't see us. On final, I read the big letters "Compton Airport" on the runway in front of us... Fortunately, Compton was an uncontrolled field at the time, and when I reported our situation to the Long Beach tower, he casually replied, "OK, we'll see you in a couple of minutes", which he did. So much for Ernie navigating...

07/25/17 09:15 AM #5159    

Jenny Johnson (Norman) (1966)

Good one! laugh

07/25/17 10:21 AM #5160    

Ernest R Conger (1967)


I never had red hair and what little is up there now is flesh colored. It was your Irish Setter that had red hair and lots of it. I remember her going on at least two flights and always well behaved. 

Don't remember your Impala, but a Ford against a Chevy. Wasn't much horsepower in that Cougar. Finally got some power later when I got the '67 Vette.

Only car that stands out is the 40 something Willy's Jeep you had.

I seem to remember one flight, with an instructor, in a twin engine out of thee Flyers Club airport. You kept very busy going for your license(s) back then. Sometime I think was just going up to put in some hours. Even flying to Sacramento circling the park watching a softball game.

It's not many that get to turn a passion into a career like you've done with flying. Maybe a book might not be such a far out notion.

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