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04/22/18 11:09 AM #6162    

Robert Cowing (1965)


Richard P. (Dick) Weaver          Oct. 11, 1928 - April 8, 2018  

Funeral service for Richard Weaver will be held on Thursday, April 26, at 10:30 a.m., at Holy Rosary Catholic Church, 301 Walnut St., Woodland.

Richard was born in Galesburg, IL on Oct. 11, 1928, to Paul and Margaret Edna Weaver. He attended Saint Joseph's Academy as a child and graduated from Corpus Christi High School in 1946. While attending the University of Illinois (Galesburg Branch) he took a seasonal job at the post office in November 1947. Mr. Weaver worked as a letter carrier in the Galesburg post office until January 1972. He was a member of Branch 88 National Association of Letter Carriers.

In 1972 Richard relocated to Woodland. He worked at various jobs including convenience store manager, laundry service driver, and hotel telephone switchboard operator.  On July 7, 1975 Richard took on a position in the receiving department at the UC Davis School of Medicine and thus began the next leg of his career legacy. Richard worked in the School of Medicine receiving department until his retirement in December 1993. In February 1994 he returned to the School of Medicine to work in a part-time position as the shuttle driver delivering the School of Medicine mail. He retired from his shuttle driver position in July 2011 at the age of 82.

He is survived by his son, Paul (Cindy) Weaver; daughters, Helen (Alan) Valliere, Jane (Gil) Benavidez, Amy (Dave) Edwards, and Allison Weaver; his niece and nephew - Pat Lacky (WHS 1961) and Terry Lacky (WHS 1964). He is preceded in death by his parents, Paul and Margaret Edna Weaver, and his dear sister, Mary E. Lacky.  FOR COMPLETE and UNEDITED OBITUARY SEE: Published in Daily Democrat from Apr. 21 to Apr. 26, 2018

04/22/18 04:51 PM #6163    

Dan Ree (Ree) (1964)

Tim Tucker..I moved to Bakersfield in !982....Did not change my Plates...had to explain to those that i came contact with where was Woodland..they thought of Woodland Hills....Parts of Bakersfield....still like old Woodland.......their down town being built up like it was in the Days Past.......there's stiil a operation..the sales floor..antiques store..has the original counter and great hamburgers..fries..shakes back when.....Merle Haggard a legend here..met him...Buck Ownen's ..built the Crystal Palce before he passed....met him many first ...when I moved here..i wanted to return to Woodland..but glad i did not..........Not the same...but have great friends here...who still remember your first name..........Bakersfield High...on California St...has class rooms like old Woodland High.....and was the first High in it's Day...Frank Gifford ...Graduated there..met many that graduated in this Day...many..many stayed in Bakersfield.............My License Plates still say California..that's it ...and I am sticking to it..LOL!

04/23/18 04:07 PM #6164    


John Eaton (1964)

I don't remember having issues in Oregon, but I haven't spent much time there since the 90's.  I do remember lots of "Don't Californiate Colorado" bumper stickers in Colorado, though.

04/23/18 06:16 PM #6165    

Norma Berrettoni (Plocher) (1966)

I just received the following Class of 66 invitations that were returned as 'unable to forward':  Nadine Felipe Tafoya and Gary Michaels.  Please send any information regarding the address for Nadine or Gary to my e-mail address:  Thank you.


04/26/18 08:22 AM #6166    

Robert Cowing (1965)

Craig David Holmberg,  1951/52 - April 17, 2018   WHS CLASS 1969

Father to Paul David Holmberg and Joseph Wayne Holmberg; brother of Janet Meserve (WHS 1965) and brother in law to Peter Meserve; uncle to Steven Meserve and Jeffery Meserve.

He will be missed by all and may he rest in peace. May your laugh and smile live on in all of us.        Published in Daily Democrat on April 26, 2018

04/29/18 05:32 PM #6167    

Robert Cowing (1965)

   David Ross Neilson     July 6, 1949-April 23, 2018
David passed away unexpectedly, in his Dunnigan home, in the company of his loving wife Sheri Neilson.
David was born in Woodland, and lived the rest of his life in Yolo County, growing up in Esparto, and then moving to Woodland. He attended Esparto High School and graduated from Woodland High School in 1967.  He attended Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering. He attended the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho, and earned a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering.
He started and managed a business in Woodland, American International Manufacturing, which designed and manufactured large-scale food processing equipment. He later started and operated a farm, Buckeye Creek Farm, which produced blueberries, olives, and derivative products.
David is preceded in death by his parents, Fred and Nell Neilson; grandparents, Fred and Wilhelmina Neilson, Clarence and Bessie Flesher; and sister, Sue Bickel (WHS 1963)
David is survived by his wife Sheri, their children Chris and Marta Neilson; Andrea and Mark Bell; Richard and Katie  Greves ; April and Andrew Donald; David's aunt Hazel Peterson;  brother-in-law  Bill Bickel (WHS 1962); his sister Marsha Dryden (WHS 1969) and husband Richard (WHS 1967); his daughter Michele Machholz and child Ansel; his son Ross  Greves, wife Jocelyn, and children Ross and Allison; and aunt Dolores Neilson
There will be a viewing Monday, April 30, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at McNary's Chapel, 458 College St.; followed by a private graveside service, Tuesday, May 1, at Capay Cemetery; and a reception, open to all, from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Heidrick Ag Museum 1962 Hays Ln., Woodland.
In lieu of flowers, etc., please make a donation to the National Rifle Association (NRA) in David's name.      Published in Daily Democrat from Apr. 27 to May 1, 2018

05/01/18 10:13 AM #6168    

Robert Cowing (1965)

“CALEXIT” is also called “YesCalifornia”, “Independence California” and “Relaunch California”.

‘It’s time for a divorce’: Calexit supporters relaunch California, and also a new edition to breaking up California call “NewCalifornia”. 

A number of you on this web site see the growing dissatisfaction with the state of California that is currently being expressed as dividing the state as “silly”.  A gentle “ad-hominem” (hate-speech) for sure, but one never the less.

Ever wonder why this rebellion continues to surface with more and more ferocity each year? Just silliness?  Or is there more “that meets the eye” or in your case(s) your brain(s)?

Democrats (progressives, Marxist-socialists) who are the socially and politically mentally ill, and Republicans (conservatives) who are the stupid and most politically ignorant, seem to agree, at least to some of the solutions for the ever growing problems of the bureaucratic tyrannical and incompetent led California, County and City governments.

Read on . . . I am sure there will be more to come in the coming months and few years ahead. Something to think about, especially those issues that Dems and Rebubs seem to agree: Don’t forget about your grandchildren . . . 

BY ALEXEI KOSEFF    February 14, 2018 05:45 AM

“The election of President Donald Trump in 2016 had a lot of unhappy Californians considering the highly unlikely possibility of seceding.

An organization called “Yes California” even filed an initiative last year to hold a statewide special election asking voters if they wanted to form their own country – though the leaders ultimately abandoned their signature-gathering effort because of negative attention surrounding the motivations of campaign founder Louis Marinelli, who was living in Russia at the time.”

ROBERT: Think of it . . . all those federal taxes going into state coffers instead of the black finance holes of the Feds! The wonder of it all.

“Now “Calexit,” as they dubbed the proposal, is back. And so is Marinelli, who moved home to California this week to help relaunch their crusade.

“I enjoyed my life in Russia,” Marinelli said in an interview, “but something I care deeply about is California independence, and I was disappointed it wasn’t picking up the steam I felt it should have.”

If the current Calexit measure gets enough signatures to qualify, it would result in a special election in 2021 to ask California voters whether the state should become an independent country. The backers have until mid-October to get almost 366,000 signatures of registered voters to qualify it for the ballot.

Long-shot effort

However, some analysts suggest the secession effort has a long shot passing. A Berkeley IGS Poll released in March 2017 found Californians oppose independence from the U.S. by more than 2-to-1.

"They'll be a lot of notoriety, there will be a lot of publicity but I think in practical terms it's going to fizzle out," said Seth Kaplowitz, a finance lecturer at San Diego State University. "It would be ridiculous to secede from the union. The only person who would probably be happy about that is probably Donald Trump."

There have been more than 200 attempts throughout California's history to split it up the state.

Some argue that California, the sixth-largest economy in the world, already has essentially acted like a separate country by signing agreements, or memorandums of understanding, with nations on issues as well as climate change.

For example, Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown signed an agreement last year to work with China to fight climate change. That move came a week after Trump announced his intention for the U.S. to withdraw from the Paris climate accord.

California's state leaders also have taken a different view from the Trump administration when it comes to issues including offshore oil drilling, undocumented immigration, health care, federal lands.

'War' with the Trump administration

Earlier this month, the Trump administration filed a lawsuit against California's so-called sanctuary state laws aimed at protecting undocumented immigrants. In response, Brown said, "This is basically going to war against the state of California, the engine of the American economy."

Trump reviews border wall prototypes in California   Trump reviews border wall prototypes in California  

CNBC - Tue, 13 March 2018

“More than 30 lawsuits have been filed between California and the federal government since Trump was sworn into office in January 2017. Trump, who has called California "out of control," sought to cut law enforcement funds over the sanctuary policies in the state last year but a court ruled against the administration.”

Don’t forget about the bullet train to nowhere that is running into untold billions as each day passes by, yet to be completed.

Getting shortchanged $

“Regardless, Evans contends that Californians don't get their fair share of federal spending for the money paid by taxpayers in the Golden State. Figures from the conservative Tax Foundation show California got back an estimated 78 cents on each dollar paid in 2005 to the federal government while Alabama received $1.66 and Kentucky got $1.51.

Evans maintains that if California were an independent nation, it could eliminate bureaucracy by half and cut overall taxes for businesses and individuals.

Kaplowitz doesn't buy the argument that an independent California would necessarily help business.

"Everybody is leaving California because they're overtaxed by the state," he said. "Businesses are leaving, people are moving to Washington state and Texas and the other states that don't have [an] income tax."

Splitting California in three – SEE MY Previous Post about billionaire Tim Draper.

“Meantime, there's also a measure backed by Silicon Valley billionaire Tim Draper to split California into three separate states.”

Creating a 'New California' -Jeff Daniels@jeffdanielsca  Published Tue, 24 April 2018, CNBC  

"Calexit is left — we are progressive, and that's why we don't like Trump," said Marcus Ruiz Evans, one of the leaders of the Yes Californiacampaign seeking California independence. "But there are some very hardcore Republican concepts to Calexit, including the group saying don't waste our tax money."

“At the same time, there's a "New California" conservative movement that seeks to carve out rural counties into the 51st state. But this isn't a ballot initiative. The group is lining up support in counties and then hopes to take it to the Legislature and then Congress.

So far, the group claims to have at least 38 of the state's 58 counties.

"People are really disenchanted with what they're seeing in Sacramento," said Paul Preston, vice chair of the New California movement.”

ROBERT: Does anyone have an “exhaustive” list that states why California is the best state in the Union, it used to be, you know, in the 1960’s, even near the best in the world, and why it should remain in the Union and why even if we don’t talk/write about this issue, why we should not at least give it a few minutes of thought? . . . I know, just silly, right?

“He complained that the controversial sanctuary state law along with state over-regulation are just some of the concerns fueling interest in the split.”

"We'll have 49 counties at the end of this," said Preston. "We want this to be a win-win for California and New California."

“But Kaplowitz said having California split into three separate states — or even a 51st state — would be "unruly and chances of it happening any time soon are slim to none."


BUT?  . . . it is just “silly” . . . isn’t.       “SQUEAK!      SQUEAK!”

05/01/18 11:29 AM #6169    


Joan Richter (Lucchesi) (1960)

For the last Decade Reunion Shelly  and Eldon Larson made beautiful "In Memory" boards for every class. These were given to a member of each class at the end of the party.  If you have one, please call Shelly or Elden so you can make arrangements to get it to them. They are again in charge  and need to add classmates who have passed in the last 5 years.

Thanks all for your help.

05/01/18 04:21 PM #6170    

Dan Ree (Ree) (1964)

Joan..speaking of the memory board brought me to view the memory go into the 1964 section...and see the ones I graduated with.......many I hardy knew...but remember as we past to our next lunch time ...standing on the stairs..of the main building or cross the street watching the gang crusing at lunch time....What I am trying to get ......I never knew much about many...where did they live...I knew some from Paula Wong...I believe her Dad was Paul Wong who had a Restraunt on Main St. next to the Sproutz Reitz Store at the corner of First St........the others from passing...I think we were young back then..only wish to get through the 4 years and begin on our own........We had our own friends where lived and after graduation.....and the way communication was then and not like today..information  received differently.....where did these class mates go......and would we ever see them again....the Viet War. came.......put many obstacles into our path...but we trucked forward...and now due to the internet...we are able to get those answers........i have not been back to Woodland in not plan to.....I just want to remember those days in grammer school...Lee...and the original Woodland High...the memory section....alerted me .......WE HAD THE BEST OF TIMES...IN A TOWN BUILT BY THE MANY..NO LONGER THERE...BUT IT WAS GREAT MOMENTS ALWAYS AFTER GROWING UP  AND VIEWING IT TODAY..........

05/01/18 05:15 PM #6171    

Don Murdoch (1962)

The squeak in the dash of my '57 Ford is back.  Same squeak but different origin.  Please, my dash can't take many more squeaks.

05/01/18 07:11 PM #6172    

Larry Michalak (1960)

Happy Birthday to Richard Bolen.  I remember Richard from both elementary school and secodary school, especially the bump in the wave in his hair.  I hope to see you at the reunion in September.  Larry Michalak

05/02/18 04:14 PM #6173    

Robert Cowing (1965)


    Isabel Aurora Snow Dec. 11, 1931 - April 29, 2018 

Isabel Aurora Snow was born on Dec. 11, 1931, and she has passed away on April 29, in the comfort of her home, surrounded by her loving family in Woodland. Isabel was born in Marchal, Spain, and at the age of three months she moved to the United States with her parents, John and Isabel Martinez.

Isabel was a lifelong resident of Winters. Isabel attended Winters High School, where she met her future husband, Philip Snow. They were married on April 22, 1951, and together they raised one daughter and three sons.

Isabel was preceded in death by her parents; brothers, John, Pat, and Daniel Martinez. She is survived by her beloved husband of 67 years, Philip Snow; her daughter, Deborah (Snow) and Guy Pedroia (WHS 1969); sons, Phil and Debra Snow, Tim and Elaine Snow, and David and Candis Snow; grandchildren, Brett and Heather Pedroia, Dustin and Kelli Pedroia, Philip Snow, Jacob and Meghan Snow, Cassandra, Alex and Zachary Snow, John and Andrew Snow; great-grandchildren, Nyah, Ava and Peyton Pedroia, Dylan, Cole and Brooks Pedroia, Allison and Melody Moe.

A memorial service will be held at the Pioneer Presbyterian Church, in Winters, May 7, at 1 p.m., followed by a burial service at Winters Cemetery. A reception immediately following the burial service will commence at the Winters Community Center. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to Yolo Hospice or your favorite charity.

Published in Daily Democrat from May 2 to May 7, 2018

05/10/18 12:15 PM #6174    

Dee (Marilee) Damsen (Kindelt) (1965)

Received some reunion postcards back for the class of 65.  If anyone can help out with addresses or personal contact, it would be appreciated.  My email is

Here are the names:  John Soga - Joe & Grace (Hernandez) Tafoya - Ron Vise - Pam Carlson (Harrold) - Joe Saragoza - Randy Foreman - Dolores May (Bounds) - Diane Amen (Pearson) - Henry Amen - Larry Graves




05/11/18 01:19 PM #6175    


Bev Hukill (Nunes) (1969)

Just curious, are postcards/invitations being sent to members of the class of '69?

05/12/18 08:23 AM #6176    


Joan Richter (Lucchesi) (1960)

Yes, Bev they have been sent out. Many have been returned as undeliverable. Has you addressed changed and is your information updated on this site? You can register on the web without the card. The information is the same as posted here. The rep for your class is Carl Franke.

05/12/18 11:04 AM #6177    


Carol Dunton (Stone) (1968)

 Who was it that asked about the “In Memory” information for each class for the decade reunion?  Could you please email me - Thanks. 

05/12/18 11:10 AM #6178    


Jim Barger (1963)

Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it to the 60's Decades Reunion as I have a family Wedding up in Oregon that weekend.   Near Crater Lake, OR.    I would have liked to have brought my photo Banner of the Class of 1963 in front of the Old Woodland High School Building.    I also have the Gary Dodson Class of 1963 Movie which I have now downloaded on to a DVD and now take my portable DVD Player around to show People the Imagination Movie that the Class of 1963 made back in 1963 and showed at the Old State Theater on Main Street in Woodland.     I will always remember Gary Dodson and his Business out in Rancho Cordova and how generous he was with me with his time and efforts..   He gave me an origninal copy of the Class of 63 movie that I took to Hollywood and had several copies made from the orignal print.    Jim Barger, Class of 1963.

05/15/18 02:09 PM #6179    


Eldon Larson (1964)

Greetings Wolves,

I have received several invitations back in the mail and have solved all but one.  Does anyone have contact information for Patti Blair Presgraze, last address was in Placerville.  It's going to be a great reunion, don't miss it.  As Vern would say, Go Wolves!!

05/22/18 01:23 PM #6180    

Tim Tucker (1965)

What do a duck and a bicycle have in common ? They both have handlebars.........except for the duck.

05/23/18 09:30 AM #6181    

Elvis Kelley (1962)

Gary/Joan,  we still need a like button. Tim deserves a few for that one. 

05/23/18 01:15 PM #6182    


Carol Dunton (Stone) (1968)

Had a planning meeting for our Class of 1968 upcoming 50th reunion.  We adjourned to the Blue Note in Woodland.  Thought I’d share this photo. Also class of 1968, please get your reservations in - we have fairly low attendance so far and it is going to be an amazing event!  We need to plan on food for the event mostly and seating, so please get your reservations in as soon as possible.  And pass the word on to any that you know or are in touch with from our class.   Thanks. 


05/23/18 04:18 PM #6183    

Robert Cowing (1965)

Revella M. Moffett "Blondie"   March 4, 1926 - May 19, 2018 

She was born in Seneca, MO. Survivors include her children, Sandra Moffett Brown (WHS 1965) and husband Dan Brown (WHS 1966), and Patricia (Harold "Chip") Edgar; sister, Mary E. Thompson; four grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. Preceded in death by her husband, George Moffett; parents; one sister and two brothers.

Visitation, today, May 23 from 5 to 7 p.m., with funeral May 24 at 10:30 a.m., at McNary's Chapel, 458 College St. Burial will follow, Keystone Cemetery, Dobbins.   

Published in Daily Democrat from May 23 to May 24, 2018

05/23/18 05:35 PM #6184    

Robert Cowing (1965)

YOU'R RIGHT . . . no handlebars.


05/23/18 08:10 PM #6185    


Vern Larson (1960)








                    JOAN RICHTER LUCCHESI    

Please join with me in wishing our co-site administer a very Happy Birthday! 

The photos were taken in first grade at Primary school in 1949 and WHS in 1960.

Joan has been the catalyst that has held our class of 1960 together throughout the years and has been the backbone of our reunions. Thank you Joan for all the work you and others have done in making this all possible and also for all you and others do in helping this wonderful site to continue on.




05/23/18 09:00 PM #6186    

Sandra Moffett (Brown) (1965)

Thanks for posting my mother's obit. Many of you may have known her as she was a waitress at the Spudnut Shop on Main St during the 60's. Later she worked at the Spudnut Shop at Purity Plaza and in the Bakery at the Nugget

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