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11/24/19 07:29 AM #7126    


Ron Damsen (1966)

I heard the news while in PE class at the WHS gym. It came over the PA sysem.

11/24/19 08:04 AM #7127    


Gail Smith (Maxwell) (1964)

I was a senior and I was in Business Machines class right before lunch.  The announcement came over the PA system and we were all stunned and some were crying.  Am I remembering correctly that they closed school and sent us all home?

11/24/19 08:49 AM #7128    

Walter J. "Wally" Summ (1967)

I was in Mr. Hiddleson's English 1A class.  Louise Reilly opened the door to our room and announced the news.  None of us will ever forget where we were on that terrible day!

11/24/19 08:58 AM #7129    

Dan Ree (Ree) (1964)

I was in the Gym that Day..playing basketball...when the announcement came about..we all sat on the Bleacher seats...just silent and disbelief......Went home  and watche on TV..many Days....Woodland was in shock.....

11/24/19 03:11 PM #7130    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Gail:  You are right.  The great Woodland High School, on College Street, they sent us home.  It was as if the world had stopped.  I still have the original Life magazines.  Just so terrible.  A great, intelligent man to lead us, and then taken.  

11/25/19 06:22 AM #7131    


Gary Tibbals (1965)

I remember I was in gym class,, out on the football field, we were all sent home for the rest of the day. We all gathered around the TV for it seemed like it last for weeks watching the samething over and over.

11/25/19 09:14 AM #7132    


Melanie McKinzie-Petersen (Rued) (1967)

I was a Freshman at Antelope Valley High School. I have never experienced such  a silence. It was deafening. People were walking with no direction with tears streaming down expressionless faces. It was eerie and sadness was palpable.

11/25/19 09:19 AM #7133    


Donald Daily (1961)

I was in the army based at Fort Bliss, Tx. President Kennedy had just been there a couple of week before, a fiend of mine was on his honor guard. When he was killed we were put on alert, could not go off base.

11/28/19 11:17 AM #7134    


Vern Larson (1960)

    Happy Thanksgiving Classmates!

May the good Lord bless and keep us during these hollidays and always. May we always look for the good in others and be of service wherever and whenever we can. May we forgive others and ask to be forgiven. It is NEVER to late to do the right thing. 

11/28/19 01:33 PM #7135    


Kathy Northup (Schick) (1965)

Memorial Service for Jim Northup - 12/7

Memorial Service for Jim Northup - class of '69

will he held at 1 pm on Saturday, December 7, 2019,

at the Davis Unitarian Universalist Church on Patwin Road.

Obituary was in the Davis Enterprise yesterday.



11/29/19 09:31 AM #7136    


Donald Daily (1961)

George Mitchell '61

Have a happy birthday. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, we do have much to be thankful for.


12/01/19 09:25 PM #7137    

Tim Tucker (1965)

Around 2 o'clock this morning, a thief broke into my home and started searching for money...... So I got up and helped him.

12/02/19 09:27 AM #7138    


Gail Smith (Maxwell) (1964)

Tim Tucker - Hopefully you found enough to get you through Christmas!

12/02/19 05:33 PM #7139    

Dan Ree (Ree) (1964)

Tim.............and to think they are called Robbers...all this person was doing ......was spreading the wealth of others  and assist you to fiind that pocket change in your do not report this.........IRS  will want their fair share............How Much did you 2 find by the way ?.......


12/03/19 09:52 AM #7140    

Bernard Rocksvold (1965)

Geez Tim! Since you helped him that makes him your employee. Now you have to pay workmans comp insurance, medical insurance, 401 k funding, and retirement. Plus, he'll probably sue you for failing to pay minimum wage.

12/03/19 01:54 PM #7141    

Robert Cowing (1965)

Bernard - this case is a specialty for Craig Mayfield. I will get him right on it!

12/03/19 11:41 PM #7142    

Bernard Rocksvold (1965)

ROBERT!! What have you done???

Now there is a horrible squeaking rattling sound emenating from under the dashboard of my truck.

12/04/19 03:13 PM #7143    

Robert Cowing (1965)

BERNARD . . . . O O O P P S !

12/04/19 03:23 PM #7144    

Dan Ree (Ree) (1964)

Robert..NO.........No more Squeaks  Please..........We all enjoy are past......Thank You...and Don's Ford thanks you.....from them there squeaks  LOL!

12/05/19 01:56 PM #7145    

Robert Cowing (1965)

Dan, that's so unfortunate because there is a guy on this web site who carries with him a bag of "rumors".  You know, the kind that say "kick me" pined to the back of your shirt. Well, I got one and it was about Tim Tucker before he "went out of business" (T.T.). Yes, he said it.

It seems that Tim had a francise of small cafes, "One-Potato - Two Potato" on the the Sonoma coast in which a group of gay ladies who professionally entertained connected to the cafes, even the cafe from Disneyland. Word spread far-and-wide about the entertainment and got back to a group called "The Flying Cadenzas." This group of lads got excited about being cheered up by the gay laides in Tim's comedy cafe. Unfortunately, the lads were sorely mistaken about what "gay" meant to the "Sweet Yammys".

Well, as boys will boys sometimes and one thing led to another, a fight or a tussel resulted with the wings plucked from most of the Flying Cadenzas. It was ugly. Very ugly.

Now Dan, there is more to this rumor but I know the guys at Ford can be a little testy, being impatient with too much yammering. If you want to hear "the-rest-of-the story" ask Vern Larson.  You can't ask Tim because he is being pursued by a lawyer representing a group of diminutive Russian ice skaters called the "Russ'etts".

See yah nexrt year if you'r lucky.

12/06/19 08:58 AM #7146    


Bill Means (1961)


Looks like you're taking off from your mom's "Woodland Daily Democrat" column: "What's New Pussycat" on what's happening around Yolo County.

You're right that Dan should contact Vern Larsen for the gory details as he has always been the GO TO guy for such information.

It's Winter so for flyimg safety: "fly low and slow and throttle back around the corners.

12/06/19 11:09 AM #7147    

Tim Tucker (1965)

Inge Probst (Nattress) Dec. 23rd, 1949 - Dec. 2nd, 2019. Class of 1968. Inge passed away after a 5 year battle with cancer. She was the mother of our 3 sons and my partner and wife for 32 years. Her husband Kevin was by her side in the early morning hours of December 2nd when she passed. God bless you Inge, rest in peace.

12/06/19 02:22 PM #7148    

Barbara Long (Frey) (1968)

I am so sorry to hear this news.  Inge was a classmate and friend and I always enjoyed seeing her at our class reunions over the years! She always look great and had a smile for everyone.   #Class of '68.  
Barbara Long Frey. 

12/07/19 03:15 AM #7149    


Jean Duncan (Miller) (1968)

How sad I am to read of Inge's passing!  We were good friends since 3rd grade.  She was so beautiful inside and out.  Rest In Peace my friend.

12/07/19 05:39 AM #7150    


Vern Larson (1960)







Our sincere condolences go out to the family and friends of Inge Probst Nattress who recently passed away. This is Inge's WHS Junior class photo of 1967 as her Senior photo was not found. 

                                                     RIP INGE

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