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08/10/18 09:23 AM #6276    


Carol Dunton (Stone) (1968)

If you are in Woodland, tomorrow will be the annual Woodland Tomato Festival downtown.  It goes from 9 AM to 2 PM.  Lots to see, do and taste.   Also, if you are an early riser, my husband Guy Stone and I will be playing our music on the First Street stage from 9 AM to 11 AM. We do 50’sand 60’smusic that you can sing along with.  We’d would love to see you there.  Come support our sweet hometown

08/10/18 02:56 PM #6277    

Dee (Marilee) Damsen (Kindelt) (1965)

To those that are or will be attending the reunion in Sept, I have a very big favor to ask:  I need people to work the ticket table for drink tickets.  It is only an hour!!  You can double up with a friend or do as a couple or whatever floats your boat....     The hours are:  6-7; 7-8; 8-9.  Thanks in advance for helping out - Marilee Damsen Kindelt




08/11/18 09:09 AM #6278    


Gary Wegener (1966)

And what better way to meet classmates; you relax in a chair and they come to you.  :)

08/12/18 12:52 PM #6279    

Vickie Anderson (Unruh) (1966)

Virginia Atkeison & I will take 7-8. 

08/13/18 08:37 AM #6280    

Dee (Marilee) Damsen (Kindelt) (1965)

Thanks for volunteering!  Still need 6-7....

08/13/18 02:55 PM #6281    


Brenda Valencia (Arteche) (1969)

Jan (Croll) Botkins and I will take 6-7.  We both just registered for the reunion.

08/14/18 07:27 AM #6282    


Brenda Valencia (Arteche) (1969)

I just realized that each class is responsible for their check-in table.  Since Jan and I are not from the class of 65' that leaves us out.  I will check with our class rep if help is needed.

08/14/18 11:17 AM #6283    

Robert Cowing (1965)

Does anyone remember if Orval Hughes' family ran the concession stand at the Muni Pool years 58-?  

I think the stand was in the right hand back corner of the pool looking due east.

08/14/18 03:14 PM #6284    

Don Murdoch (1962)

Robert,  The Hughes's did run the snack bar at the pool while they were running the Brownie.

08/14/18 05:01 PM #6285    

Robert Cowing (1965)

Don - i don’t remember Orville’s parents except at the Brownie and at the burger bar across the street from Yolo Grocery, east side. It seems that the tall-drink-of-water “Tim Patterson”  was involved in both the brownie and the snack bar? My memory is not very good here.

- Robert


08/14/18 11:35 PM #6286    

Don Murdoch (1962)

Robert, I don't think they were involved in  the frosty place across from Yolo Grocery. Judy and David Constance father, Al, ran the frosty for a short while.  I don't know a Tim Patterson.  

08/15/18 01:42 AM #6287    


David Hughes (1967)

Our Parents Orval and Eileen Hughes owned the Brownie.  Our Dad secured the concession stand at the municipal pool and my older brother Orval and I manned (or should I say boyed) the two shifts that lasted, as I recall for two hours each.  There may be some implications with child labor laws but I believe the statute of limitations has run. 

Our parents did not own any other restaurants and when it came time to sell the Brownie, they sold it to Tim.  I think they sold the Brownie when I was in the 6th grade (Dingle School) 1961-1962.  Orv, help me hout here.

08/15/18 08:19 AM #6288    

Norma Berrettoni (Plocher) (1966)

Dee - you are requesting volunteers to sell drink tickets?  Or, are you requesting volunteers to handle the Class of '65 registration table?  



08/15/18 08:22 AM #6289    

Tim Tucker (1965)

David Hughes, whatever happened to your white 1963 Chrysler Newport with the 300 grille and factory 3 speed on the floor ?  My brother Tony, ordered it new, via Freddy Marconi. I loved that car and learned how to drive a "stick shift " with that fine ride.

08/15/18 08:31 AM #6290    

Dee (Marilee) Damsen (Kindelt) (1965)

Norma:  help selling drink tickets

08/15/18 09:16 AM #6291    


Gary Wegener (1966)

Tim bought 'the Brownie' in the early/mid 60's, renamed it "Tim's" and tried to cater more to families in the evenings and school groups, especially those involved in school plays.  I worked there in 65 and 66, and learned to ride a motorcycle delivering food orders around Woodland on his Honda 90.  He would have sales periodically, and one weekend I made a big sign for his window: "Hambugers, 10 for $1.00".  That was a good lesson in the need to spell check.  Many good memories.

08/15/18 09:55 PM #6292    

Jean Duncan (Miller) (1968)

Gary I worked at Tim’s too,and he also had the concession stand at the muni pool.  I worked both places as needed.  Fun times!

08/16/18 08:17 AM #6293    


Jim Barger (1963)


Gary Doidson used the "Brownie" in 1963 when he filmed the Senior Class Movie of 1963.  He had vaious members of the Class of 1963 in the Brownie on the stools.   and then he announced a RAID on the place as everyone cleared out.    He then had Bob Carston and Gary Easternly playing Marbles as the Ron Luyet and his partner made their way out of the Brownie.       Jim Barger

08/16/18 09:05 PM #6294    

Liz Geer (Sullivan) (1964)

Here's a 1964 picture which was taken at Tim's.  We had so much fun working there.  First row: Paula Wong, Judy Robinson, Liz Geer.  Second row: Tim Patterson, Doug Brown, Alfred Catalan, Richard Wetzel.

08/17/18 10:38 AM #6295    


Orval Hughes (1964)


I think we sold the Brownie in 62

I had just started driving and went to work for Lavender'x

08/19/18 08:51 AM #6296    

Mark Wegener (Wegener) (1969)

I too worked for Tim’s, well sort of.  I think brother Gary coaxed me into distributing meal specials via door flyers in a 5 block radius around to store in exchange for a hamburger and a coke.  I was on the young side of the groups that hung out at times, but have great memories of the life and times.


08/19/18 11:25 AM #6297    


Vern Larson (1960)

Dear classmates,
I recently heard through reliable sources that Barbara Hanson Petherick, class of 1960, had passed away several years ago, and so I posted her graduation photo in this forum a while back. I, along with others, still desired additional conformation. I have been able to make contact with her husband, Michael Petherick, and he has given me permission to pass along Barbara's early life and beginnings, and their marriage together. The following is my letter to Michael... his response...and my thank you letter back to him.
Dear Michael                                                                                                                                                                Aug. 8, 2018
You don’t know me but I went to high school with Barbara Hanson in  Woodland, California 1957 - 1960. I have just recently been informed that Barbara passed away several years ago and I wanted to express my condolences to you and your family. I have tried to find you on the internet and Facebook, without any luck, so I am writing this letter in hopes you will receive it and reply.
 I would like to tell you a little story of how I met Barbara.
It was in 1956, I was in 8th grade and 14 years old, when her school, Willow Springs, invited my school, Laugenour, to a dance. I danced with Barbara several times that evening and on one slow dance the sides of our heads touched and I was ELECTRIFIED!  Barbara was the first girl I ever liked who seemed to like me in return. My feet never touched the ground the following week. I made up a song about Barbara which I sang all around school. It went like this:
As you can imagine, the kids soon got very tired of me and that song.
I lived about 6 miles from Barbara and would ride my bike over to a friends house, Bob Bell, who lived across the field from Barbara. Bob and I rode over to Barbara’s and she came out to visit us. She seemed a little embarrassed, especially when her father came out to greet us. He seemed like a very friendly guy. 
Our relationship never went much further than that, and Barbara and I never even kissed, but I still consider her to be my first love.
Michael, if you would, I along with her friends in school would certainly appreciate it if you would please contact me by mail, email, text, or phone call to please verify her passing. We would love to also read her obituary if possible.
Thank you Michael, and I hope this has not caused you any heart ache.
Vern Larson
My contact information is:
4609 Huggins Way
San Diego, CA. 92122
Good morning Vern,

I want to thank you for you very kind letter, that I received yesterday. In Barbara's stories about the early years on the ranch in Woodland, both you and Bob Bell were part. Those years were her foundation, no matter where in the world we were, and the ranch became my home as well.

We lost Barbara in April of 2016, after a very brave nine year battle with cancer. Fortunately she was able to watch the whales from our home in Mendocino, her second love, during these years.

At Barbara’s very firm instruction, there was no memorial or obituary after her death. She said goodby to those she loved before she left. I’ll try, however, to do an abbreviated one.

Born in San Francisco in 1942, Barbara lived the first 12 years of her life running the hills and beaches of Mendocino. When she was 12, in an attempt to civilize her, the family moved to the family ranch in Woodland (it didn’t work, fortunately). I met her at the University of Oregon and we married in 1963. We both graduated in 1964, she in Russian Linguistics, I in East Asian Studies. I entered the Air Force, first as an intelligence officer, and then after law school at UC Davis, as a Judge Advocate. We lived and traveled all over the world, moving 20 times during our 53 year marriage, with assignments as diverse as Hawaii and the Embassy in Cairo, Egypt. We managed to avoid Washington D.C. my entire career. She was by my side, and leading me at times. I retired as a Colonel in 1990, and we returned to the ranch. I became a California State Administrative Law Judge and she went to work putting the ranch back in shape.

We were blessed with two children, John, who died in 2003, and Michele, who is married to a wonderful guy and has two great children of her own. Barbara and Michele became best buddies, beyond Mother and Daughter, during Barbara’s illness.

After the ranch was surrounded by subdivisions, and the ranch’s birds and critters all went away, we moved to the Village of Mendocino, in 2006.

Hope this is what you were looking for. Feel free to pass it on the your “old” Woodland friends. Barbara was very easy to love, and my best friend. I miss her every day.

Best regards,
Dear Michael,
Thank you so very very much for your heart felt letter. I read your letter several times very carefully and totally enjoyed every single word. You have brought closure to me and to many of Barbara’s friends. We are having an “All 60’s” WHS class reunion, September 15, 2018, and I will pass this letter along for all to see. Barbara truly was very special to me and to others.
Thank you again for your beautiful letter about yours and Barbara’s life together. I am so happy that you and Barbara had the marriage you had and that you both made each other happy! 
Thank you Michael!
Vern Larson 
                            Barbara Hanson Petherick                                     
                                     March 28, 1942  -  April 2016

08/19/18 01:16 PM #6298    

Robert Cowing (1965)



               WEB SITE:

Kick Off Time: 10am


“Honoring and Remembering”


Staging Area: Main Street between California and West Streets

Kick Off at Main Street and West Street

Judging and Review Stands Heritage Plaza – Main and Second Streets

Parade ends at the Woodland Train Station

  Located at 1166 Oak Ave (So Parade
  Route is from West St. & Main St. to
  Main St. & 6th St. then right on 6th St.
  to Oak Ave.)

08/19/18 03:32 PM #6299    

Elvis Kelley (1962)

Thank you Vern. "The ranch" and Don Hanson were a big part of my teen years. To this day as I drive on Branigan ave. in back of the Belair market and look north I see the eucalyptus trees that were by the horse corral and makes smile every time . 

08/20/18 10:47 AM #6300    


Nancy Rollins (Gantz) (1968)

What a wonderful event that Robert Cowing posted! I just wish that I lived closer as I am certain that the turnout will be fantastic as WWI touched every one's life in some way. 🌻

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