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09/20/19 11:12 AM #6999    

Tim Tucker (1965)


09/21/19 04:53 PM #7000    

Joseph Knipe (1967)

Whar is that all about, Ben? is that goimng to be the next burning man?

09/21/19 10:22 PM #7001    


Vern Larson (1960)




I have been out of the country for a month and have not had a chance to post this photo of Carolyn Hand Bradley who passed away August 27, 2019. Her obituary can be found on this website in the "In Memory" section.  

Carolyn Joy Hand Bradley   WHS 1960   RIP

      At the bottom of her 1960 WHS year book photo is written:

                 "Let us forgive and forget"

09/22/19 08:56 AM #7002    


Charlotte Apodaca (Lucero) (1961)

Thank you Vern for your post: Carolyn and her sisters were always my favorite people.  

09/23/19 06:05 PM #7003    

Lenora Monaco (1960)

This was such a wonferful picture of Carolyn. I hsve grest memories of her! So sorry for her family's loss.

09/24/19 10:51 AM #7004    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Very sad to learn of Carolyn passing.  I am friends with Wanda Hand.  Alice did my Mother's hair for years, as did Wanda.  One reason Mother's hair was always so perfect.  My prayers to all the family at this time. 


09/25/19 05:53 PM #7005    


Kathy Northup (Schick) (1965)

My brother, JAMES OLIVER NORTHUP, died peacefully, in his sleep this afternoon.  He was surrounded by his loving wife, son and daughter in his own home in Davis.

Jim had shown me the wonderful huge greeting card classmates had made for him only a few weeks ago at the class of 69 fifty year reunion.  He fought hard against the disease, diagnosed in 1981 and at that time told he had only about a year and a half to live.  Even up to the end, when his hospice nurse predicted he would die by Monday, he held on until Wednesday.  I’m embarrassed to admit that even when he could barely whisper, whenever I saw him he wanted to hear about my problems and worries and not discuss his own.  And I miss his ever-ready smile, even when things were awful. 

I will post notice here when his memorial service is planned, and I hope Robert Cowing will help out by posting his obituary.  (Thanks, Robert, I live in Stockton, so I don’t get the local newspaper.  I really appreciated your posting the piece the newspaper did on Jim a few months ago.)

Katherine Northup Schick, class of ‘65







09/25/19 11:29 PM #7006    


Vern Larson (1960)

My condolences to you Kathy and to the family and friends of James passing this afternoon. We have all followed the messages posted on this website of his condition and know that he has fought the good fight! May God bless you and Jim's family in this time of grief and sorrow! 


          James Oliver Northup  WHS 1969  RIP

09/26/19 06:47 AM #7007    

Janice Bell (Killian) (1966)

I am so sorry. I did not know him, but the article posted was such an inspiration. What a remarkable life well lived.

09/26/19 09:45 AM #7008    

Dee (Marilee) Damsen (Kindelt) (1965)

So sorry Kathy.  It sounds like you have a lot of memories to hold onto.  Take care - Dee Kindelt

09/26/19 09:52 AM #7009    

Pam Wohlfrom (Johnson) (1969)

Kathy and family.  I would like add my condolences. Jim was such an inspiration.  I’m glad he got a kick out of the Giant Greeting Card from our class reunion.  He will certainly be missed. 

09/26/19 11:31 AM #7010    

Arta Gastinaeu (Holmes) (1965)

I am so very sorry for your loss. May God help your family and his family through this time of sorrow!

09/26/19 02:26 PM #7011    


Connie Logue (Wilson) (1966)

My heart goes out to you, Kathy, during this difficault time......RIP,Jim....

09/26/19 03:51 PM #7012    

Katy Pye (1969)


Condolences to you and your family. I was so happy to have a short talk with John at the reunion. I'm glad he got the card so he knew we all missed his being there. He was an amazing person.  Katy

09/26/19 09:28 PM #7013    

Duane Jackson (1965)

Both Vicki and myself send our respects over the loss of your brother...May he rest with the Angels......

09/27/19 10:12 AM #7014    

Miguel Michel (1966)

So sad to hear about the passing of Jim. Although I did not know him

personally, I felt like I got to know him from the article and comments that have been 

posted. My condolences to all his family. 

He was a very gifted and loved person and will be missed by all those 

that knew him. 

May he Rest In Peace. 

09/28/19 10:27 AM #7015    


John Northup (1969)

In adddition to the many kind thoughts for our classmate, Jim, that I received at our reunion dinner, I was also reminded of several of our many (mis-)adventures as twins growing up in Woodland.  After some rummaging I found photographic evidence for an early episode involving our classmate Joanie Meek Schneider.  This was posted in the Daily Democrat on Valentines Day, 1957(1956?) entitled "Two Hearts for Joan"

John Northup

09/29/19 08:26 AM #7016    


Theresa Eve (1964)

Sweet Valentine's Greeting.  Those were the times when the news was so clean and fun in the community.  Love seeing this picture.  Thank you so much.  

09/29/19 12:13 PM #7017    

Katy Pye (1969)

What fun! Great photo of the three of you. 

It was wonderful having a chance to talk to you at the reunion. 

09/30/19 10:36 PM #7018    


Jim Benedict (1969)

I also want to express my condolences to the Northup families. 

10/04/19 06:41 PM #7019    

Tim Tucker (1965)

A sheriffs deputy just came to my door and asked : "Where were you between 4 and 6 ?"....and I said: "Kindergarten."

10/05/19 06:16 AM #7020    


Joel Childers (1966)

Tim Tucker - Where can I catch your act? Do you ever play Vegas? We're glad that you're still cracking corn and aren't tuckered out yet. (Betcha never heard that one before.)

10/13/19 04:13 PM #7021    

Tim Tucker (1965)

I hate it when I offer someone a sincere compliment on their mustache and suddenly she's not my friend anymore.

10/13/19 08:08 PM #7022    


Vern Larson (1960)

Tim I know exactly how you feel! 
I was at the gym the other day and saw a woman struggling with some weights. Wanting to encourage her I said, "FOR A FAT GIRL YOU SURE DON't SWEAT MUCH!" She gave me the most awful look! 😡

10/13/19 08:20 PM #7023    

Tim Tucker (1965)

Vern, if you can't say something nice...we're probably related.

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