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Charlotte Apodaca
Class Year 1961
Residing In DAVIS, CA USA
Occupation Social Work / Bilingual Therapist
Children 5 grown children all over 47 years old.... children continue to grow older - an amazing experience - More…when ones childrem starts to grey and wrinkle...(Michael Dunn [godson], Rudy, Jr., Katherine, Karen, Christine)
Yes! Attending Reunion

Since leaving high school – the journey continues to be interesting – in the early years - I married my high school sweetheart Rudy Lucero - we were married for 33 years – Rudy passed in March of 1993, we raised 5 amazing children, and have been blessed with 14 wonderful grandchildren (some blending of families have come into our journey).

In this journey since leaving high school - I have accomplished just about all of my goals and dreams; this includes a career, a continued love of learning, and traveling to many parts of this great "big" but oh so 'small' world of ours.

I Graduated from the University of California, Davis with a BA in Women Studies with an emphases of Ethnic Studies; and received a Master Degree in Social Work (MSW) from San Jose State University.

My good fortune of travel to many parts of the world for pleasure and work, including applying and being invited into the Peace Corps after retiring from UC Davis, School of Medicine. As a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) 2003 - 2005 my assignment was be of service in Ecuador for two years, as well as representing our country as a PCV diplomat. After peace corps (now called a Returning Peace Corps Volunteer [RPCV], and since 2005 I have had the good fortune to be of service in developing countries with a medical mission group for the last 12 years (check out our website at Faces of Tomorrow (

I am happy to say – I continue working in the Yolo County Community; mentoring and being of service for students studying to become social workers.

I am also working on learning to be a "retired" person - this is not an easy experience.... The blessing has been more time for family and grandchildren....

School Story

I don't have a favorite story regarding my educational experience - the closes I can think of is the opportunity to be invited into Girl Scout Troop 57 when I was in the fifth grade. Becky Knight's mother was one of the most gracious women I admired; along with the good fortune of getting to belong to an organization of service. One which was the beginning of my life long commitment to being available and service to others.

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Happy Birthday Kathy - and many blessings going your way....????????????????

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Hello to all who post their thoughts, personal political passions, and good will to others. I look forward to receiving and reading about your ideas, and your good bantering about comments that you may or may not agree with.... I want to add just a brief note - the most pleasure I get from reading each comment - are those written by Craig Mayfield - while I don't know Craig - I enjoy that he puts a spark in the conversations. For myself - there are days that his little spark keeps me laughing, as well as making sure that I voice my political concerns to those elected officials whom I have put my trust and have given my vote....

Keep up the comments - and Craig, I look forward to many more years of reading your thoughts...


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Happy Birthday Cuz....enjoy your day everyday....
Cousin Charlotte

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Hi Chip, I never knew your name was Ken.... First happy birth day, mine is on the 3rd, you are much younger, glad to have another season added to my life...

So how are you and Bobbie doing - please give her a hug from me - let her know I miss our many conversations....

Enjoy your special day...

In loving friendship to you, Bobbie, and boys

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Blessings are going your way, enjoy this special day everyday.

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Happy birthday Carolyn, enjoy your day.